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4160RE: [americancomm] 9-11

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  • Shirvani, Sheida
    Oct 7 6:07 AM

      This is a professional organization.  The discussion board is a tool for us to discuss our thought in very professional manners.  Please do not use this type of language on the discussion board.  We can express our freedom of speech in a nice manner. 



      From: Michael A. Sadler [mailto:michaelsadler@...]
      Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2010 2:37 AM
      To: americancomm
      Subject: Re: [americancomm] 9-11



      Please shove your fucking jesus up your ass.

      >Fellow scholars and world communicators on this listserv:
      >In a recent soul conversion from the darkness to
      >the light, I must confess to you -- my brothers
      >and sisters -- that I have sinned through my own
      >free-will and volition. In high school,
      >specifically Countryside High School in
      >Clearwater, Florida, during my 11th grade
      >engineering class specifically, I was dared by a
      >classmate who will go unnamed to cast a spell on
      >paper from Satan's bible (I forget what it was
      >or did). While commenting that his magic arts
      >were "bullshit" I also noted that "my God would
      >not allow anything to happen to me, in the
      >process." Having said that, over the years, I
      >unknowingly became involved in magickal arts. I
      >even recall envisioning the destruction of the
      >World Trade Center in New York City in my mind
      >because of personal reasons I will not identify
      >at this time. In fact, I even recall having
      >prayed for their destruction because I felt them
      >a "center" of financial and political
      >voracity. I even recall sending coded messages
      >out on listservs, and published on websites,
      >asking for their downfall; and also fomenting
      >the Rise of the Tea Party in the United States
      >of America (on Quiet Communication - L run out of Penn State University).
      >In my conversion to Christ, truth must outweigh
      >fraud, and I therefore ask that I be brought in
      >for IMMEDIATE Justice for the heinous act of
      >terrorism and high treason against my fellow
      >human being and citizen. I seek the death
      >penalty for myself, imprisonment for those who
      >acted upon the call here in the USA for my
      >homegrown plot, and also THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE
      >of all hostages/detainees being wrongfully held
      >in secret prisons throughout the world. In the
      >land of Windows 7, Mac OS, and UNIX (open
      >source) -- consider me the latter. Perhaps my
      >cable and Internet feeds are unique/different to
      >yours as a target of intense governmental
      >propaganda operations; but, from where I am
      >sitting, I have done the unspeakable and blamed
      >it upon others for far too long.
      >There is no excuse. There is only justice. May
      >peace roll down like a mighty river from this
      >admission, and I be apprehended and readied for
      >trial, and swift execution. Too many human
      >beings, decent people, have died in the process
      >of my lowly and cowardly acts, and it is long
      >overdue that I make this quiet spiritual
      >struggle with myself KNOWN PUBLICLY. While
      >having had an evidencible battle with depression
      >and manic (bipolar disorder), I do not consider
      >myself insane. To the contrary, I am quite
      >lucid, knew precisely what I was doing as a
      >revolutionary act, and (at the time) was quite pleased with my handiwork.
      >Tyrone Adams

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