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2480Re: [americancomm] Advice for Aspiring Academics?

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  • Doug Picirillo
    Dec 1, 2008
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      Hi Leigh,
      I've been working through similar questions about publishing.  Thanks for posing them here and thanks to Dale, Thomas and Edward for such helpful replies.  Here is something that appears to be a very good and FREE resource:  The Iowa Guide
      PS:  If the above link  to the Iowa Guide doesn't work paste this in your browser's address bar: http://fm.iowa.uiowa.edu/fmi/xsl/iowaguide/search.xsl
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      Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 8:53 PM
      Subject: [americancomm] Advice for Aspiring Academics?

      Hello all,
      I am a relative newcomer to our group and would like to obtain some advice from you-all (Or "y'all", if you happen to be in the same region of the U.S. as I am!).  First, a little background on me before my advice request:
      Since receiving my bachelor's in corporate communications and journalism in 2001, I have been a communication practitioner, be it in public relations or contract writing (the latter of which I do now).  A layoff from PR in 2005 forced me to re-think what I'm after in my career, and I enrolled in an online grad school English course to see how I liked it.  And, boy, did I like it!  The learning, the being among others of a like mind, the immersion into communication study (and having people actually understand what I was talking about!) was invigorating.  I felt I had finally found my niche, and I am re-directing my career path on teaching and the academic community.
      Needless to say, I did finish that graduate degree.  I have no complaints about my method of obtaining that degree -- entirely online from a brick-and-mortar school you can actually visit should you ever find yourself in Greenville, NC -- but the inability to do GA work and be face to face with my professors and colleagues left me wanting.  I feel like I'm stumbling along behind my peers who completed their degrees on campus.
      Now here's my request for advice:  What would you recommend someone like me do?  Obviously, I have been applying for teaching positions, but as you all know, the job market isn't at its best right now.  What are some other avenues I can take to transition careers?  I am especially curious about publishing because my perception is -- and I could be wrong -- that you must already be part of an academic community to perform research and have your findings published.  I have published a review in Business Communication Quarterly, but I realize one article isn't enough. 
      I realize there is no single tried and true way to get into academia, but I would like to hear what people inside the field have to offer.
      Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day,
      Leigh Ann Whittle

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