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156Re: [americancomm] debate over CV length

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  • John Malala
    Oct 1, 2005
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      It's a CV, not a resume. That's why longer is better. The search committee wants to know more about your expertise, teaching, and research. I have now shortened mine to 10 pages but with an explanation in the end stating what is not included.



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      >>> pja8134@... 09/30/05 2:24 PM >>>
      Hello All:

      My colleague Ty Adams and I have a debate going over what looks better
      when applying for an academic job. Assuming one's curriculum vitae is
      not padded with fudged items, is it better to have a longer one or a
      shorter one? (In academic lengths.) Is there a commonly expected
      length for an aspiring assistant professor? Associate? Full? What do you



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