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  • Bobbi Campbell
    Jun 6, 2007
      Hi Jacob
      Thankyou for this link - I do find Wikipedia useful to check out other
      sources of information so thank you for this link
      Bobbi Campbell, Aoraki Polytechnic, Timaru, NZ

      Bobbi Campbell
      Co-ordinator Tertiary & Laboratory Skills
      School of Community, Aoraki Polytechnic
      Phone 03 6848 240 x 892

      >>> "Jacob F. Roecker" <jacob@...> 06/07/07 1:12 a.m. >>>
      Hey there everyone:

      I've been contributing to an online project that I think some of you
      be interested in--and since this group hasn't done a whole lot of
      talking recently--I figured this email might get things going.

      Wikipedia has been contended as a valid reference when doing research
      because anyone can edit the site. The problem with wikipedia is the
      lack of oversight. Larry Sanger, one of the founders of wikipedia, has

      decided to fix the problem. He's generated a new wiki called
      citizendium and needs people to start producing, reviewing, and editing

      the articles that appear on the new site.

      Professors and professionals act as reviewers to verify the validity of

      the articles that get contributed. Since this yahoo group has several

      professors and professionals I figured it's worth letting you know that

      it exists.

      the url is: http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Main_Page and it only
      takes a minute to request a logon and begin contributing.

      Well, I hope some of you are interested in helping.


      -Jacob Roecker
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