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  • LAMAMAGDE@aol.com
    Apr 4, 2007
      I think the political joshing was just meant as a good-natured joke by those involved.  No big deal, actually both made me crack a smile.

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      How immature can one get .. what does politics have to do with that?  I can't imagine anyone with two functioning brain cells would do that, regardless of their politics.
      The best headline I saw with this was "My Poppa was a line of blow".

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      Just to remind everyone, a conservative would never do that. : )

      Stephen Seay, PMP

      On Apr 4, 2007, at 11:02 AM, Tyrone Adams, Ph.D. wrote:

      unreal, if true...

      Keith Richards says he snorted father's ashes

      Stones guitarist mixed remains with cocaine — 'it went down pretty well'

      Story here...

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