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  • Ty Adams
    Feb 3 11:23 PM
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      Dear ACAlist,

      The members of the ACA Board of Directors -- with the help of DWC
      Network's pro bono work made possible by Dan Garon -- would like to
      announce two things:

      1. This list now has 599 members and 1 administrator. That's 600
      folks online with ACA now. That's good news, because it shows growth
      and also international outreach among communication scholars and
      practitioners alike. The "town" and "gown" is merging online, and we
      are at the forfront of making new partnerships with communication

      2. We have just released a POWERFUL new communication tool. While
      this is a "push" technology on YAHOO GROUPS, we also now have a "push-
      post" technology available ~FOR FREE~. Please look at our new Web
      site at http://www.americancomm.org and view (on the left navigation
      bar) the ACA Interactive Portal.

      You will see there are 2 spaces. One is reserved for BOD
      discussions, and is currently private. The other is OPEN TO THE
      PUBLIC, and will become a "new place" for ACA discussions, file
      uploads, and all other sorts of cool interactivity.

      Please do visit the revamped site. I think you'll find it extremely
      friendly, and easy to use. All you need to do is register an
      account, which is free, and begin participating in a new venture of
      online collaboration and discussion.

      ...more to come, as always.

      Ty Adams, Ph.D.
      Past-President, ACA (2005-2006)