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1Margarita madness

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  • Tyrone L. Adams, Ph.D.
    Jul 18, 2005
      Dearest all,

      I've had two (count 'em) two top-shelf lime Cuervo margaritas, and am
      currently pondering the nature of the universe.

      I figure now is a good time to write to you all (the early-comers to the new
      ACA list) and see what's up. I have many issues on my mind, and want to
      toss them out for general discussion on this here listserv.

      You see, ACA was founded back in 1996 as something of a "revolt" against the
      old SCA (Speech Communication Association). The idea among that field of 10
      scholars was -- and kinda still is -- that there should be a dues-free
      organization where scholars could go and "do their thing" without having to
      pay for the upkeep of a massive executive body. Now, as you know, ACA does
      not charge any dues for its membership. In fact, you are all members on
      this list because, well, you've signed onto this list. It really and truly
      works that way...

      Problem is this: Our numbers are small, and we generate NO financials off of
      dues. For that matter, we always run our conventions on a pay-as-you-go
      budget, trying to keep costs at a minimum. No profit. I repeat -- no

      You know the counter-argument to this, of course. ACA, as a result, has to
      rely on the time and energy investment made by its members to actually DO
      things that enhance communication scholarship or, at least, the study of
      communication. To date, we have had about 8-10 genuinely gifted people
      participate in the building of ACA. Do WE (meaning you) wish to continue
      like this?

      Do we want to start charging dues?
      Do we want to NOT charge dues?
      Do we want to make money and become a big fat organization?
      Do we want to remain virtual, and let the e in e-organization have its say?
      What can you do to help ACA?
      Will you come to Peru in 2006?
      Will you help create a group legacy?
      Or, will we all die a slow, meaningless groupthink death with a whimper?

      I dunno about you. But, I keep pounding at the idea of there being a place
      for ACA at the table of communication organizations. I think we have a
      wonderful name, a wonderful online journal in the ACJ, and a membership that
      has ideas -- but, for some reason, is unwilling to express them!

      Dudes and dudettes, I will keep pinging this listserv until there is life
      among this membership. Maybe the ACA Board of Directors has been too
      removed from this body, as a populace. Maybe we've been doing things in
      secret behind our virtual doors for too damned long. Maybe we need you, the
      members, to say what you really want out of this organization -- and,
      further, to help us build it.

      My favorite philosophers Pink Floyd once quipped: "Hello? Hello? Is there
      anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me!"

      Tyrone L. Adams, Ph.D.
      Richard D'Aquin Associate Professor of Journalism and Communications
      Department of Communication
      University of Louisiana at Lafayette
      P.O. Box 43650
      Lafayette, LA USA 70504
      Phone: 337.482.6077
      E-mail: tyadams@...
      Personal web: http://www.swampboy.com

      "Hey, I've been out in the desert, yeah doin' my time
      Searching through the dust for fool's gold, lookin' for a sign..."
      --Bruce Springsteen, philosopher (2005)
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