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75Re: [American Bard] Whitman's journals / search

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  • Dan Osterman
    Jun 13, 2008
      truth? I think at bottom Whitman as a person is Not that interesting. He could be dramatized and all kinds of things done in a movie, but he resists much solid interpretation, though he has a multitude of interpretations, depending on the "enthusiast". It's his poetry that is exciting (at least the first edition) and we like to think of him as a free spirit, but sometimes I wonder... -Dan
      Dan Osterman
      249 A Street #52
      Boston, MA 02210

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      I wonder why there hasn't been a major film with Whitman as the
      central character? It would be excellent! The Civil War, early New
      York City. Epic!


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      > You are looking for the
      > Whitman
      > Stafford Farmhouse
      > 315
      > Maple Avenue, Laurel Springs, NJ
      > The Stafford family in 1872 or so invited him out once and he kept
      going out there for quite a while until he couldn't anymore. At one
      point he developed a "crush" the son and they still talk about it in
      the neighborhood. The house has been restored and I think tours are
      given. -Dan
      > I remember as a teenager reading Whitman's journals and a
      > discription of a place he called the "Summers farm". He wrote that
      > to get out of the city for needed recooperation he would
      > occationally visit (friends?) the farm and enjoyed some time with
      > nature which restored his spirits, etc.
      > Is anyone familiar with this writing in the journals, and is there
      > any hope of finding the location of the Summers farm ? As a
      > I fantasized that it was somewhere near where I grew up in
      > Burlington County near the Rancocas River possibly Morestown area
      > about eight miles from Camden.
      > The discription he gave in his journals was so much like the area
      > and I hoped that if it was, then possibly I knew the place.
      > Perhaps I'm still fantasizing, but for years the curiosity lingers.
      > Logos

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