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  • Logos Formont Calamus
    Jun 13, 2008
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      I remember as a teenager reading Whitman's journals and a
      discription of a place he called the "Summers farm". He wrote that
      to get out of the city for needed recooperation he would
      occationally visit (friends?) the farm and enjoyed some time with
      nature which restored his spirits, etc.

      Is anyone familiar with this writing in the journals, and is there
      any hope of finding the location of the Summers farm ? As a teenager
      I fantasized that it was somewhere near where I grew up in
      Burlington County near the Rancocas River possibly Morestown area
      about eight miles from Camden.

      The discription he gave in his journals was so much like the area
      and I hoped that if it was, then possibly I knew the place.

      Perhaps I'm still fantasizing, but for years the curiosity lingers.

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