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69Re: [American Bard] Oscar Lion

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  • Dan Osterman
    Jun 11, 2008
      Loving found a bunch of stuff by himself too. The Ny Public Library Dept. of Private Collections has the biggest archive of Lion's collection that I know of. His collection is best known by the cardboard butterfly that still exists, that W. was photographed with on his index finger. It appears that the Traubles got a lot of stuff when he died. The big thing I like about what Jerome Loving found was the Margaret (?) Trauble photograph of her and Lion together. I read some of their correspondence and it was fairly clear that they had developed a Relationship after Horace died (when he died I don't remember- the teens) and that there is NO correspondence surviving that indicates anything other than friendship. You may draw your own conclusions. I know that Oscar left his wife at home when he took Margaret overseas on vacations on Cruise Liners to Europe several times in the 20's. He had made his pile in the garment industry, though garment would be stretching it I guess. He made ribbon. Ribbon! He did take a hit in the depression but stayed in the business and I think he died in the 50's as I remember. Without Oscar Lion getting this stuff together from different sources, we'd all be the poorer. He was 2nd generation Jewish, and in the style of the day in NY interested in everything, especially I suppose someone who called for love and democracy.

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      BTW, can you tell us a bit about Oscar Lion? What sort of books do
      you have on or by him?


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      > Then it was recorded originally in the 60's - I know I came across
      it when I was dj'ing at a "community" radio station (non-commercial)
      in 1985 or so. No spammer here ... you are the founder of the list?
      I've been out of the loop on books about Walt for about 10 years, I
      quit collecting with Loving's bio from the nineties. I gave a bunch
      of stuff pertaining to Oscar Lion, a NY'er who was Whitman's first
      big "whitmania" collector. -Dan
      > ===
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      > Subject: Re: [American Bard] Essential Walt Whitman
      > Dan,
      > That makes sense. I noted that Ed Begley Sr died in 1970. But its
      > about time that some of Walt's stuff became available on CD. Should
      > be good for the road! I've been looking for something like thisfor
      > while. As much as I like the Hampson CD its hard to understand all
      > the words.
      > Have you purchased the book "Worshipping Walt" yet? I've been
      > but always had another book I wanted more.
      > BTW, I took you off moderation. I usually moderate the first few
      > posts to make sure new members are no spammers.
      > Ron
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      > >
      > > It is good - I think recorded in mid/late seventies originally on
      > vinyl. I am a new member here! -Dan
      > > =====
      > >
      > >
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      > > Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 11:25:15 PM
      > > Subject: [American Bard] Essential Walt Whitman
      > >
      > >
      > > "Essential Walt Whitman" on CD has finally been published and is
      > > available. I got a copy from Borders. I haven't opened my copy
      > but
      > > it should be good, read by Ed Begley Sr. I don't believe there
      > any
      > > other audio CDs of Whitman's poetry being read other than the
      > > versions by Thomas Hampson on his CD "To the Soul", which is also
      > worth
      > > having. Here's the info on "Essential Walt Whitman":
      > >
      > > Audio CD
      > > Publisher: Caedmon; Unabridged edition (June 3, 2008)
      > > Language: English
      > > ISBN-10: 0061566411
      > > ISBN-13: 978-0061566417
      > >
      > > Ron
      > >

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