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American Antigravity News: Feb 2005

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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear All: February has been a big month for American Antigravity, so I d like to tell you about a few of the news items currently making headlines: Non-Profit
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005
      Dear All:

      February has been a big month for American Antigravity, so I'd like to tell
      you about a few of the news items currently making headlines:

      Non-Profit Pledge-Drive: Thank You!!!!! The online community helped us meet
      our pledge-goals to cover the legal fees of incorporating as a non-profit.
      We're obviously still open to donations, and thanks to the generous
      contributions of many, many individuals we should be able to approach
      corporate sponsors as a fully-registered non-profit company in the near
      future. We wouldn't have been able to achieve this without your pledges and
      support, and I', positive that this is a new beginning for American
      Antigravity to work on even bigger and better projects in the future.

      Audience Statistics: Are we alone out there? Not in the galaxy -- I mean the
      Internet. Just how many people are interested in Antigravity and
      Breakthrough Propulsion Technology? I've attached American Antigravity's
      visitor-statistics from Feb 04 to Feb 05, and the answer is surprising: over
      17 million visitors in the last year alone!

      STAIF 2005: Many thanks to Gary Stephenson, Paul Murad, Eric Davis, and the
      STAIF conference attendees and supporters. American Antigravity isn't
      affiliated with the STAIF Conference, but we're a firm supporter of the
      scientific research they've pulled together -- and with the help of a few
      key contributors, we've been able to put up the conference notes for this
      amazing conference. Also, just a thought -- based on the growing interest in
      the STAIF conference, it's probably not too early to start looking at how to
      reserve a seat at the 2006 conference -- while they're still taking

      "Getting There: FTL Travel & More:" The Cassini Probe gave us some
      remarkable photos of Saturn, but the decade-long flight-time makes it
      impossible for humans to travel to the outer-solar system.....who would
      volunteer for a trip that may take 20 years? Our article, "Getting There" is
      an overview of how gravity-control can not only take us into space, but can
      make the warp-drives that we've seen on TV for decades a reality! (13 pages,

      "Road Rage: Traffic Congestion, Urban Sprawl, and More": Space is exciting,
      but Antigravity technology can solve goals closer to home as well. "Road
      Rage" describes how computer-guidance systems already in place by the FAA
      can be used to eliminate traffic congestion, accidents, and even lower
      housing costs in urban and suburban America. Learn more about the real
      impact that traffic has on our society, and how Antigravity can make life
      better for us in the 21st century. This is where the rubber doesn't meet the

      XADS: Real-Life Phasers: Coming Soon! This is in addition to the Phaser page
      already on our site. American Antigravity has new photos of XADS real,
      working prototype "phaser" -- a non-lethal, non-damaging stun-beam just like
      in the movies! Check the "news" section of American Antigravity for details.


      Tim Ventura
      http://www.americanantigravity.com <http://www.americanantigravity.com/>

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