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### American Antigravity -- John Dering Breakthrough Interviews! ###

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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear All: I ve just completed a set of two interviews with scientist John Dering on the subject of Antigravity, new-physics, the Philadelphia Experiment, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2004
      Dear All:

      I've just completed a set of two interviews with scientist John Dering on
      the subject of Antigravity, new-physics, the Philadelphia Experiment, and
      Nazi secret-weapons research. John has a profound insight into these areas,
      and a depth of unknowledge on these topics that exceeds anything that I've
      seen in the past.

      I've become pretty adept at fitting the important parts of a person's
      research into a simple half-hour interview, so its a real testament to the
      25-years of research that John Dering has put into work in Antigravity and
      alternative-physics that we've done a solid hour of work and still barely
      scratched the surface of his knowledge! I've put up two very important
      interviews with him online, and hope to add a third -- although I doubt that
      I can ever really provide the depth of coverage on his work that's really
      required for a full-understanding, John and I have worked together to layout
      a set of questions to provide a path for inventors to follow in learning
      more about this unique type of Antigravity work.

      Here are some of the important questions that he answers for us:

      1. How did 1930's-era scientist Gabriel Kron modify Einstein's Unified Field
      Theory to explain the connection between common electrical equipment and
      gravitational effects? Also, what are some of the factors that come into
      play in engineering electromagnetism to create these effects (and hence,
      antigravity)? Can this Unified Field Theory actually be used to design
      Antigravity systems?

      2. What's behind these rumors about Bismuth and Mercury? We've been hearing
      about these from a variety of sources for years .. where do the rumors from,
      and why are these materials important? Also, what does John know about Art's
      parts -- the Bismuth/Mag microlayered alloy?

      3. How did the Philadelphia experiment REALLY work -- and why is it related
      to the Hutchison Effect? Why did the Navy use Bismuth in the hull of the USS
      Eldridge, and how did this possibly enhance the effects that made the
      experiment so unique?

      4. Nick Cook has been talking about the mysterious "Nazi-Bell" -- but how
      did this device work? John gives us details on what they were attempting to
      create, and how they went about building it!

      BONUS: We learn for the first time ever about the Nazi Rhine-Valley
      experiment -- a precursor to the Nazi Bell that set in stage their later

      ++ PLUS -- Much, much more!

      The interviews are on our new interview page at:


      Tim Ventura

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