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### American Antigravity - David Maker's Un-Gauged Relativity ###

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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear All: I ve just completed a half-hour audio interview with PhD Physicist David Maker on an UnGauged Relativity Theory that he s created. This is the result
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2004
      Dear All:

      I've just completed a half-hour audio interview with PhD Physicist David
      Maker on an UnGauged Relativity Theory that he's created. This is the result
      of 20 years of independent research into physics, and he believes that by a
      few simple modifications, he's able to eliminate nearly 2/3 of the normal
      calculations involved with QED/QCD -- in addition to finalizing a fully
      Unified Field Theory connecting gravitation to the other forces.

      Maker's work has been featured in the past as a presentation at 2003 and
      several physics conference presentations - he's granted us an interview to
      discuss these concepts with the open source community in the hopes that it
      offers support for existing experimental evidence. You see, not only has
      David Maker completed a Unified Field Theory by finishing Einstein's
      unresolved work, but the theory that Maker has created predicted the results
      of Podkletnov and Ning Li's Force-Beam experiments even before the
      experimental results were made public.

      The physics here is pretty intense, but we've tried to simplify the Q&A to
      include only the most important aspects of the theory -- in addition, we
      covered his predictions for how to create gravity-wave beams using
      superconductors (an experiment that Maker himself will be conducting in the
      near future).

      Maker's work is doubly important, because not only does it offer a
      simplification for the otherwise impossibly difficult world of physics, but
      it additionally lays out an experimental paradigm for building the
      next-generation of real, working Antigravity devices.

      In addition to the interview, I have also published some of Maker's work,
      and will include his email address & the URL below for further study.

      David Maker Antigravity Interview:

      David Maker Physics Page:

      Contact David Directly:


      Tim Ventura

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