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### American Antigravity -- AvroCar, Bova & Savinar, + Upcoming Coverage ###

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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear All: I ve just finished uploading LOTS of new material online, accessible from the News Section on American Antigravity s main page: 1. The AvroCar: A
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2004
      Dear All:

      I've just finished uploading LOTS of new material online, accessible from
      the "News" Section on American Antigravity's main page:

      1. The AvroCar: A Real-Life 1950's era UFO that the US Army funded as a
      prototype for a much larger 6-engine craft that was never completed.
      2. Ben Bova: The award-winning science-fiction author talks about the
      history of the future -- man's future in space.
      3. Matt Savinar: Can alternative-energy beat the upcoming oil-crunch? We
      learn about "Peak Oil" and how it affects our future.

      Upcoming coverage:

      1. Mike Gold: Interview, speaking on the Bigelow Space "X-Prize 2"
      2. Dr. Ning Wu: Publishing a new article on his ungauged relativity theory,
      antigravity, and superconductors.
      3. Gary Stephenson: Publishing an article on gravity-wave technologies
      4: John Dering: Comments on next-gen aerospace technology and weird-science
      5: Bob Baker: Upcoming interview on Chinese research into Antigravity
      (tentative, post Dec. 5th)
      6: Orion Ships: Big science to the rescue! Info on this 60's era
      nuclear-bomb powered starship.
      7. Lightcraft: The evolution of the Orion-ship -- a laser powered spacecraft
      capable of 5-hour trips to the moon.


      Tim Ventura

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