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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear All: The countdown to the DOE s 2004-review of Cold Fusion is on, so check out American Antigravity s pre-game coverage of Steven Krivit s Cold Fusion
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2004
      Dear All:

      The countdown to the DOE's 2004-review of Cold Fusion is on, so check out
      American Antigravity's pre-game coverage of Steven Krivit's Cold Fusion

      The Bottom Line: thousands of experiments have been done showing that
      *something* is going on -- exactly what is anybody's guess, but the general
      idea is that Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions are occurring that sometimes leave
      behind by-products and excess heat. Krivit's put a compelling case for Cold
      Fusion into his book, however, entitled, "The Rebirth of Cold Fusion".

      Cold-Fusion is also a case-study in group-dynamics and shared belief
      systems. It only took five weeks for mainstream science to take-down Cold
      Fusion in 1989, and after that it was down for the count -- respectable
      journals refused to touch the subject, and it became an inside joke for
      scientists, with bad ideas being described as "oh jeez, here comes the next
      cold fusion!". It's taken nearly two decades of hard work to once again get
      press coverage, and shrug of the editorial discrimination of being called
      "old news".

      If science describes reality, and the media describes science, then who's
      really making the decisions about our common beliefs? In short, who decided
      that Cold Fusion was bunk in '89, and if it turns out that they were
      incorrect, then should they be censured for such a damaging mistake to

      One of the real challenges in a case like this is the money: big labs &
      universities garner billions of taxpayer dollars every year for "big
      science" projects, involving big salaries, expensive laboratories, and often
      arcane results. Small, tabletop experiments like Cold Fusion become an
      immediate threat and challenge to this establishment, despite the fact that
      small, tabletop solutions to our energy problems are exactly what's needed.

      Earlier this year, the Department of Energy appointed a team of scientists
      to investigate the feasibility of Cold Fusion -- the results are due in
      November, but before we hear the answer I'd like to pose a question: who are
      these scientists, what are their backgrounds, and what's their pre-existing
      bias? Are they looking at evidence for cold fusion -- or starting out
      looking for evidence against it? The decisions that they make aren't
      trivial -- in addition to finally giving credibility to this discipline in
      the mainstream scientific community, it will also open the door for public
      funds to support further research.

      So now that you're thoroughly depressed, read on -- I've finished the Krivit
      Cold Fusion page with links to his book, interview, and lots of photos!


      Tim Ventura

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