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### American Antigravity - Steven Krivit & Cold Fusion Interviews ###

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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear All: BREAKING NEWS: The DOE report pertaining to the government s analysis of the last 15 years in Cold Fusion research is due in early November-- Within
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2004
      Dear All:

      BREAKING NEWS: The DOE report pertaining to the government's analysis of the
      last 15 years in Cold Fusion research is due in early November-- Within the
      next few weeks we'll have a better understanding whether this revolutionary
      new energy-technology will finally make it into the "mainstream" of
      fully-funded scientific research.

      I interviewed Steven Krivit of the New Energy Times for additional insight
      into the status of Cold Fusion research. Nearly everyone familiar with CF
      knows the story of Pons and Fleishmann's excommunication from the mainstream
      scientific community in the early 1990's, but for most of us it's been a
      challenge to keep up with the breaking news coming from this area. This is
      partly due to a lack of coverage by mainstream media, and partly because so
      many developments have come from a diverse group of scientists working on
      the issue all over the globe.

      Steven has recently authored a book entititled, "The Rebirth of Cold
      Fusion", which is due out on Nov 8th. He's also well known for an Art-Bell
      appearance shortly after the tragic passing of famed Cold-Fusion researcher
      Dr. Eugene Mallove, in early 2004.


      The interview also prompted me to contact Infinite-Energy Magazine to learn
      more about the possibility of doing an interview to cover the changes in
      their approach since the Mallove tragedy -- like many of us, I'd been under
      the impression that they'd be unable to continue their work, but was
      surprised by the tenacity of Christy Frazier in perservering against all
      odds. Christy deserves a big "thank-you" from the alt-science community,
      which you can send to the staff email at: http://www.infinite-energy.com

      I'm going to be dropping by my local Barnes & Noble this evening to pick up
      the tribute issue of Infinite-Energy Magazine. I am hoping that we can all
      offer support to this work by subscribing to the magazine, although I
      realize that budgets are tight. Nonetheless, by pitching in as a community
      to offer assistance, perhaps we can help this publication continue its role
      in providing high-quality coverage on Cold-Fusion and New-Energy Research.


      Steven Krivit Interview on Cold-Fusion Technology (1mb, WinMedia):

      New Energy Times Website (w/ Book Links):

      Infinite-Energy Magazine:


      Tim Ventura

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