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### American Antigravity - UNITEL Interview ###

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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear All: I ve just completed both an interview and a page update for UNITEL Aerospace -- a unique company out of Portland, Oregon with an idea for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2004
      Dear All:

      I've just completed both an interview and a page update for UNITEL
      Aerospace -- a unique company out of Portland, Oregon with an idea for a
      faster-than-light ship based on conventional quantum-mechanics.

      The function of the ship is two-fold -- to begin with, it uses a
      laser-system to condition space in front of the craft, so that instead of
      using a conventional propellant, the ship creates a gravitational anomaly
      that it literally "falls towards" -- creating a very high acceleration speed
      up to 99% the speed of light.

      Second, for even higher-speed transportation, the ship uses a
      niobium-composite superconducting hull to create Macro-Scale Quantum
      Tunneling. In essence, the ship fools the universe into thinking that it is
      just a large, single particle -- and then something unique happens: the ship
      can teleport instantaneously to other points in space, light years away.

      UNITEL hasn't built it yet, but I was able to squeeze in a 1/2 hour
      interview with UNITEL Director of Research Larry Maurer today, where he
      describes their project in better detail. I've also updated the UNITEL page
      on the American Antigravity website, to include examples of real-life
      physics as well as links to the interview.

      While it stretches the imagination to consider a spacecraft literally
      vanishing and then reappearing in another location, Quantum Mechanics has
      shown numerous times in the lab that this is possible to achieve using
      conventional science. Also, the University of Washington has been toying
      with a laser-stimulated Plasma-drive that would function in a manner very
      similar to UNITEL's proposed "main drive", meaning that there is support for
      both of their propulsion design-concepts in science.

      To learn more, please visit the links below:

      1. Larry Maurer Audio Interview (WinMedia, 1mb)

      2. American Antigravity UNITEL Page:

      Please note that they're selling a very in-depth book about the project,
      technology, and physics on their website, at http://www.unitel-aerospace.com


      Tim Ventura

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