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  • Tim Ventura
    (Links at bottom have been repaired -- sorry about the extra email) Dear All: Every so often, a topic comes along that s so inherently cool, it requires
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2004
      (Links at bottom have been repaired -- sorry about the extra email)

      Dear All:

      Every so often, a topic comes along that's so inherently cool, it requires
      mandatory coverage. After over a year of waiting, I've finally been able to
      get permission to do a page on Directed Lightning....the next leap in
      non-lethal weapons technology. My story comes after media exposure by CNN
      and New Scientist Magazines, but I have something they don't -- video of the
      research underpinning the science of these devices.

      There are a few approaches to the idea, the most well-known being HSV
      Technology's 193-nm Excimer Beam technology. This technique involves
      creating an artificial lightning channel through the atmosphere by ionizing
      an air-channel with Ultraviolet radiation. Another approach is the
      more-esoteric technology in use by Xtreme Advanced Defense Systems, Inc -- a
      highly-confidential process that shoots a high-voltage beam like a fire-hose
      approximately 12-feet.

      There have been attempts in the past to make the HSV-style technology work
      for practical applications -- most notably a cooperative effort between
      Boeing and the Department of Defense in the 1980's to create a
      directed-lightning anti-missile system. In theory, it would have consisted
      of a Boeing 747 outfitted with an underslung Carbon-Dioxide laser that would
      have ionized an air-channel to allow a high-voltage electrical pulse to
      knock an incoming Soviet ICBM out of the sky. However, The DoD abandoned the
      project, as 5 miles was their absolute minimum acceptable range for missile
      intercepts, and their prototype apparatus was only able to achieve a 3-mile
      effective-range. (ref. Col John Alexander)

      More recently, HSVT obtained a patent on a non-lethal application for
      similar technology -- in their proprietary implementation, (US Patent
      #5,675,103) they aren't worried about transmitting a high-power beam for
      several miles. Instead, they've set more achievable goals, with the project
      goal being to transmit a beam only a few hundred yards at most, using a
      retina-friendly 193nm Excimer beam to create the ion-channel. Unlike the
      DoD's CO2 laser, the excimer beam is lower in power and absorbed by the
      cornea, so that permanent exposure damage to the eye is minimized.

      In this kinder, gentler world of non-lethal weapons, electrocution is out --
      and tetanizing beams are in. The difference is frequency, and power. The
      tentanizing frequencies are high-voltage AC-signals overlaid onto a
      low-power conduction current that create rapid muscle fatigue -- it's 2
      seconds of discomfort, followed by 3 to 5 minutes of fatigue, which renders
      the victim immobile and unharmed.

      Tetanizing frequencies are already in use by Police Tasers, and they work
      well. What the Taser lacks is range -- it suffers from inherently limited
      range as a result of a length of wire that spools out when the Taser is
      fired, limiting the effective distance to several feet in range.

      For additional information on these technologies, and how they may affect
      the future of law-enforcement and military-tactics, visit the American
      Antigravity.Com site for details.

      (Links Repaired:)

      Non-Lethal Directed-Lightning Information:

      Directed-Lightning Video-Clip (standard RES)

      Directed-Lightning Video-Clip (High-RES)


      Tim Ventura

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