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  • tventura6@attbi.com
    Dear Group: I just finished adding two additional pages to the American Antigravity website -- if you haven t had the chance to check out the new technologies
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 21 1:11 PM
      Dear Group:

      I just finished adding two additional pages to the American Antigravity
      website -- if you haven't had the chance to check out the new technologies that
      we're working with, take the time to visit us online at:

      Discovery Channel Interview:
      Peter and Sheera Von Puttkamer visited AAG on April 14th to film the Lifter
      technology for their upcoming "Future Factor" television series to air on
      Discovery this fall. During the nearly 10 hours of filming, they came away with
      lots of great footage of the Lifters in action, including the newer smoke-test
      footage to demonstrate the effect of the Lifter on the surrounding air during

      Golden Thread Magazine Interview:
      Bruce Smith, a local writer for the paranormal and metaphysical magazine Golden
      Thread, dropped by in mid-March for a demonstration of the Lifter technology.
      He's working on a comprehensive article on AG technology for Golden Thread,
      that addresses not only the technological implications of Antigravity
      technology but also the philosophical and metaphysical aspects as well.

      For additional information on this technology, please visit the American
      Antigravity website - we have over 50 pages of photos and documentation on
      Lifter technology, including plans to build your own device to see for yourself
      how this technology works.

      ++ MORE SMOKE TESTS: I spent about 8 hours on Friday running smoke from various
      sources through a 2-cell stacked Lifter combo and a homebuilt Deseversky
      Ionocraft design to attempt to get detailed video footage of the airflow
      effects in the Lifter. I have over 75 mpeg video clips from these tests alone,
      but due to difficulty with lighting I will only have a few clips that I will
      actually keep.

      I will keep everyone posted on the status of the smoke-testing, as I think that
      it is an important part of experimentation with the Lifter technology.
      Certainly it seems to outline where the Ion-Wind component of thrust ends and
      the Biefeld-Brown component begins -- perhaps it can serve as a useful future
      resource for creating generally more efficient Lifters that take advantage of
      ALL available means of propulsion in a mixed-mode effect.

      Also, if there are any new technologies out there on the horizon, I'd certainly
      like to find out more about them -- I know that several new and innovative
      approaches have recently surfaced, but I have been so involved with my own
      research that its been difficult to keep up with their development.

      In other news, I am working on creating a much larger power-supply for tests on
      an oversized Lifter for this summer. I am hoping to try and create one up to 9-
      feet on a side, and test it with a supply that is potentially up to 10-times
      more powerful than the 250-watt supply that I am currently using.

      ++ WIRED MAGAZINE: We've all been waiting on this interview for close to a
      year, and Clive Thompson has told me that thanks to the relentless work of both
      himself and the editors as Wired, he should be wrapping up his interview with
      the folks at NASA sometime in the VERY near future. Completion of the NASA
      interview means that he can then move forward with publishing the article in
      Wired Magazine, perhaps in June or July of this year.

      ++ HUTCHISON EFFECT: During the Interview with Gryphon Productions, Peter Von
      Puttkamer briefly described his work filming with John Hutchison for another
      episode of the "Future Factor" series due to air this fall. Puttkamer indicated
      that the mysterious "top" -- considered to be a child's toy that Hutchison
      experiments on in his latest video -- is actually suspended on a string and
      being moved back and forth very vigorously by the high-powered equipment that
      John conducts his experimentation with. I have a brief video clip of this
      effect online on the AAG site at my Hutchison effect page:

      ++ UNITEL NORTHWEST: I may be taking down the Unitel Northwest technologies
      page in the near future, as their website has been offline for a considerable
      period of time and it appears that they may have closed up shop. Be sure to
      check out the page now while its still online at:

      ++ THE MARCUS DEVICE: I haven't heard much about this device lately, and Marcus
      now seems to be permanently offline. I will contact him in the near future to
      find out what he's been up to.

      ++ KNUCKLE-DEEP: Similarly to Marcus, KD (in the Seattle area) has been doing
      research into rotating magnetic fields, and he's been hoping to create more
      powerful prototypes for testing in the near future. Results of his newer
      experimentation are still pending, but check out the Antigravity Yahoo Group
      for additional postings about his latest work!


      Tim Ventura
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