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**** De Aquino Grav-Shield Article ****

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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear Everybody: Here is the final draft of the De Aquino Gravitational-Shielding article, in Adobe PDF Format:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2002
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      Dear Everybody:

      Here is the final draft of the De Aquino Gravitational-Shielding article, in Adobe PDF Format:

      An another URL is:

      This article includes all of the information that I have been able to piece together over the last 3 months of researching his technology, including a lot of new revelations and information. I've finished with a word-count of 3,503 words, which is sufficient to provide an overview of this technology -- I could have easily done 5,000 on this one.

      I'm glad that I was able to get this article out at the time that I did -- I wanted it to reflect everything up to and including the discovery of the video-tape evidence, but I didn't want it to include any future results of what is on that tape. Hopefully this article will reflect not only the important information in the story, but also the process involved with finding it.

      Researching De Aquino has been like squeezing a sponge -- if you relax for a bit and squeeze again, more seems to always come out. In this case, it always seems to happen when I have written off the experiment as "not being workable", although I hope to show with this article that no determination about the workability of this experiment can readily be determined without more information.

      Thanks again to everyone that has assisted with providing information for this article -- there have been many individuals involved with this, and I've only named a few in the article. I would like to especially thank Steve Burns, Martin Tajmar, Jonathan Kolber, Reed Murray, Eugene Podkletnov, and Tom Bearden for confirming their quotes.


      Tim Ventura

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