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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear All: I d like to say thank you to everyone for the letters of support over the last week. I ve put the subscription fundraiser link through PayPal online
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2006
      Dear All:

      I'd like to say thank you to everyone for the letters of support over the
      last week. I've put the subscription fundraiser link through PayPal online


      Again, for $10 a month, you can not only help us support AAG, but also
      contribute to our growth over the next few years.

      Thus far, we've had about 20 subscribers, but to meet our budget needs, we
      need to reach 1,000. If you believe in the site - what it stands for, what
      we cover, and what we've achieved over the last four years, then please
      subscribe, and please also email your friends and relatives to tell them
      about American Antigravity.

      I wouldn't ask for this help if I didn't need it: after years of trying
      product sales, grant applications, and advertising on the web, I've found
      that it's just a difficult medium to build a business around unless you
      switch to a "members only" style approach - and that runs counter to
      everything that American Antigravity stands for. I don't believe in
      parceling out information in tiny little pieces for $20 each, and every time
      I see a website online doing that, it makes me sick.

      This is just as much your future as mine - is it fair to nail you for fees &
      complicate your life with passwords just to read about it? However, I have
      to balance this against being able to survive, and that's something that
      gets more challenging with every passing day. That's why I'm asking for
      volunteer subscriptions, and I'm going to work on adding additional member
      services soon to help give you as much as possible for your contribution.
      It's less than the price of a cup of coffee in the morning, so if you have
      the chance, please subscribe.


      Two days ago I posted an in-depth interview with Stanislav Adamenko on
      emerging fusion technologies in the Ukraine - he's working on a new process
      that can increase the efficiency of existing fusion techniques by 3 to 6
      times over their current efficiency.

      Beginning tomorrow, I'm going to share some of Paul Czysz technical notes on
      hypersonic aircraft design. As the former chief scientist of the NASP
      project, Czysz is one of the world's leading experts on hypersonic
      propulsion. In "Aurora & Beyond", which I published in July, he described
      not only his personal belief in the existence of the secret Aurora project,
      but also talked about receiving calls from former colleagues telling him
      that these hypersonic aircraft were built and have been flown.

      I think this revelation is as important in it's own way was as the
      breakthrough technologies that we cover, and as we begin to stabilize
      American Antigravity's budget and expand, I can begin delivering more
      stories, more video, and more interviews to you much more frequently. In
      fact, one of my goals over time is to add staff writers to cover specific
      focus areas to ensure that we provide the latest coverage for emerging
      technologies in the most timely way possible.

      We've got some interesting current projects coming up: one of them is our
      attempt to measure the Hutchison Effect, using equipment kindly loaned to us
      by inventor & electronics engineer Bill Alek from Intalek.Com. Our goal is
      to try a completely new measurement by taking a reading directly from the
      samples that Hutchison works with while the effect is happening, which might
      just give us the magic we need to recreate this effect in a lab environment.

      Additionally, we're working on a proposal to put Gennady Shipov's
      reactionless drive onboard the Bigelow orbital station when it launches in
      November. This is a joint project with Richard C. Hoagland and the
      Enterprise Mission, and if successful, it will break new ground as the
      world's first test of a reactionless drive in a zero-gravity environment.


      Timothy M. Ventura
      American Antigravity, Inc
      http://www.americanantigravity.com <http://www.americanantigravity.com/>
      Phone: 425-605-0928
      Mobile: 425-260-4175

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