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New Hutchison Effect Footage

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  • Tim Ventura
    HUTCHISON RESUMES EXPERIMENTAL TESTING: VIDEO CAPTURES NEW LARGE-SCALE EFFECTS For the first time in over a decade, Canadian inventor John Hutchison has
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2006
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      For the first time in over a decade, Canadian inventor John Hutchison has
      reproduced the "Hutchison-Effect" in his homebuilt lab-environment. In our
      exclusive video footage, taken March 4th by researcher Harold Berndt, over
      1,500 pounds of test-equipment is seen to spontaneously jump after what
      Berndt describes as an audible change in equipment noise that occurred while
      Hutchison was calibrating his test apparatus.

      This is the first reported occurrence of the Hutchison-Effect since the
      mid-1990's, when the Canadian EPA asked Hutchison to discontinue his
      research due to public anxiety about the unexpected nature of the effect
      itself. However, a combination of television publicity and renewed interest
      in the effect by the United States military has caused them to relax their
      views and allow Hutchison to begin new experimentation.

      Berndt is a well-known Vancouver area realtor who developed an interest in
      UFO's and the paranormal two years ago, which eventually led him to connect
      with inventor John Hutchison as he continues to explore new avenues of
      research in science & technology. Berndt is also the Canadian representative
      for the Disclosure Project, a well-known activist organization involved with
      lobbying the government for openness on the subject of UFO's.

      Berndt's description of this anomalous phenomenon is inline with previous
      reports of the Hutchison-Effect. It tends to occur unexpectedly while
      Hutchison himself is busily engaged in calibrating a collection of sensitive
      tube-based RF transmitters & Tesla-Coils, and exhibits a diverse array of
      phenomenon including levitation, the jellification of metals, in addition
      reported invisibility effects. Another hallmark characteristic of the
      Hutchison Effect is it's frequency --in this case, while Berndt shot over 40
      minutes of footage while Hutchison was testing equipment, only a single
      kinetic event lasting only a few seconds was caught on film.

      In a statement Monday about this research, Berndt reaffirmed his goal to
      return to Hutchison's lab in the hopes that new effects may present
      themselves as Hutchison continues his experiments. Unlike the vast majority
      of stock-footage taken of the Hutchison-Effect taken with primitive
      home-recording equipment in the early 1980's, Berndt is filming with
      contemporary digital recording equipment and intends to immediately upload
      any new manifestations of the effect to the web within hours of recording

      The Hutchison-Effect was investigated extensively during the 1980's by a
      scientific team from the Stanford Research Institute, which reported its
      findings to Col. John Alexander (INSCOM) for review by the Central
      Intelligence Agency. Col Alexander (ret.), has reported the findings of this
      report as supporting the existence of the Hutchison-Effect, but was
      ultimately unable to suggest any explanation for exactly how this effect was

      To watch this video using your broadband DSL or Cable Connection, please
      visit American Antigravity.Com. Please note that while the Windows Media
      stream is currently available, there may be a 2-day delay before the
      Google-Video version is online.



      Timothy M. Ventura
      American Antigravity, Inc
      http://www.americanantigravity.com <http://www.americanantigravity.com/>

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