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Open Call for Inventors & Scientists

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  • Tim Ventura
    Hi All: As I mentioned in the email last night, The Energetic Garage has been launched as a continuing-event every Saturday night, where we interview
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2006
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      Hi All:

      As I mentioned in the email last night, "The Energetic Garage" has been
      launched as a continuing-event every Saturday night, where we interview
      inventors, scientists & engineers on breakthrough technology projects. This
      Saturday we were joined by Andrew Palfreyman from the MLT Team and Bill Alek
      about his energy-research technologies.

      While the show is still working towards building a solid audience, it does
      draw from both the OSEN & American Antigravity combined web-audiences, and
      already has some broadcast interest from local radio-stations. Thus, we're
      hoping to use this as yet another channel to help your ideas reach the
      public, and in return help the public to understand the value of the work
      that you're doing.

      This is how we can benefit you with this new forum:

      1. Firstly, if you have video that you'd like to put up for the public
      online, please email me at tventura6@...
      <BLOCKED::mailto:tventura6@...> to learn about how we can process
      this for you into a streaming format. I can personally work with VHS & a
      variety of digital-media formats, although DVD is sometimes a pain to work
      from. This will help to showcase your work to a targeted audience that cares
      about your research and wants to learn more about it, as well as provide an
      easy reference that you can provide friends, family, and potential funders.

      2. Second, we've taken the same channel that we broadcast the weekly show on
      and added 24x7 streaming video coverage of all our work. This is a
      collection of both OSEN & American Antigravity's interview, research, and
      other footage, and we plan to continue adding new material as we create it.
      The url for "The OSEN Channel" is: http://stream.osen.org/eg/

      3. Third, if you'd like to be a guest on an upcoming show, please email me
      so that we can discuss scheduling. Being a guest only requires a phone, but
      as we demonstrated on Saturday night, if you have a web-cam we can put that
      on-screen during the interview as well. Of course, during the show we always
      welcome audience call-ins & postings on our live chat-board, so there are a
      number of ways to participate!

      4. The miscellaneous stuff that you might not have considered: got a product
      to plug? Send us a sample or some info about it. Doing a fundraiser for a
      project or organization? Let us know and we can mention it on-air. Got a
      show topic or guest that you think people should know about? Get the info to
      us and we can figure something out.

      The point is to engage the community in sharing resources to help us all
      solve challenges that might be too great for us individually. As inventors,
      engineers, scientists & activists you are the stars -- make the most of it
      and let us know how we can provide a great service for you online!

      Tim Ventura
      tventura6@... <BLOCKED::mailto:tventura6@...>

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