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Torsion Physics

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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear All: Well, I guess that it s official -- we re starting to get into Torsion Physics at American Antigravity. This has been a difficult topic since day #1,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2005
      Dear All:

      Well, I guess that it's official -- we're starting to get into Torsion
      Physics at American Antigravity. This has been a difficult topic since day
      #1, because the physics is so difficult -- however, what I'm working on
      achieving are overview-level articles & interviews to help express the
      important concepts without the confusion of the equations themselves.

      Paul Murad has just finished an introductory-level article on this topic
      explaining some of the key ideas in it, and I've interviewed Jack Sarfatti,
      the renowned physicist working on a specialized version of Torsion Theory.
      Stay tuned, because we're also adding an in-depth interview by physicist
      Gennady Shipov on these ideas in the next week.

      This may all sound very obscure, but it's actually a direct extension of the
      work that I did on the Nazi-Bell story. The World-War II era research is
      great, but I'm not a historian: I want to put these ideas into practical
      use. Thus, after a bit of research, I found that the ideas from Einstein's
      Unified Field Theory evolved into a healthy body of Torsion Research
      beginning in the 1960's, and lasting into contemporary mainstream physics.

      What's this all telling us? First, that good ideas are never lost -- just
      sometimes overlooked. Also, it helps us to break away from the 1940's-era
      work and once again get into some material with relevance to our present day
      scientific environment.

      What's after this? Well, my interview with Dr. Lisa Randall last week was a
      tentative step towards transitioning from Torsion-Theory to String & Brane
      Theories, although they are still very speculative, and thus will require
      additional time to mature. My hope is that by engaging these scientists to
      dream about next-generation transportation systems, we can incorporate all
      of this scientific research into some near-term ideas for breakthrough

      Tim Ventura
      http://www.americanantigravity.com <http://www.americanantigravity.com/>
      Phone: 425-820-5675
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