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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear Everybody: Hope that you re doing well in the silly season -- Fall has always been the busy season for AG research, and our goal is to add in-depth
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2005
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      Dear Everybody:

      Hope that you're doing well in the "silly season" -- Fall has always been
      the busy season for AG research, and our goal is to add in-depth coverage of
      the prestigious STAIF conference as a February crescendo to a busy year's
      events. We'll cover a few of the important year's events below, as well as
      how you can help us move things forward:

      1. STAIF Pledge Drive: First & foremost, we need your help. American
      Antigravity's been offered the opportunity to attend the annual STAIF
      conference, featuring the best & brightest minds in gravity-modification and
      BPP research. The total cost of this conference will exceed $1,500, and
      while we're working on some strategies to cover the cost financially, I'd
      also like to collect a pledge-donations to help us attend. Our last
      pledge-drive to cover the legal costs of non-profit incorporation showed how
      strong your dedication to breakthrough technologies really are, and in the
      case of STAIF, the benefit will be somethine more tangible: expert reporting
      on the event, as well as some additional details that I'll cover below. I
      may focus a bit more on the pledge drive in an upcoming email, but if you
      can donate anything to help us, it will go towards the goal of attending
      this very important event as a representative of the Open-Source community.

      2. Evolving Roles & Leadership: I'd mentioned that STAIF is important, but
      it's not just because it's the only formal scientific venue for
      journal-published papers on gravity-modification. There's another reason,
      also -- we'e sponsoring a leadership meeting after the conference to discuss
      how we can better support emerging technologies like Antigravity research.
      We've invited industry, news, and scientific leaders to this event to shape
      an infrastructure to support Antigravity research, and our hope is to build
      solid bridges at this event to help both the community set goals &
      priorities for future research.

      American Antigravity works with a lot of scientists & innovators in
      AG-research, and because we're the public face for this resarch, it's only
      natural that people would begin looking to us for more than just news &
      reporting on the technology. Likewise, we owe it to the innovators -- and we
      owe it to you -- to apply our leadership skills to create a better
      environment that fosters & appropriately values this research. Thus, the
      leadership conference is a tool for our community to interact with the
      bastions of mainstream science & government who will ultimately validate
      this research for the world's benefit.

      3. NASA Presentation: In Mid-December, American Antigravity will be
      presenting an Open-Source BPP proposal to NASA Administrator Dr. Mike
      Griffin. We've already had exchanges with him about this, and he's given us
      the unique opportunity to at least have our case heard before NASA. The goal
      is to build bridges between government space-research and our community's
      vast collection of Open-Source expertise. The presentation is a
      collaborative effort including Nick Cook, The Enterprise Mission, and a
      number of gov't & industry expert opinions. Our goal is to send a powerful
      message: NASA can benefit from working with the American public, so long as
      they value the public's input & respect community values. Simultaneously,
      the Open-Source community can benefit from NASA, so long as we don't
      abdicate our leadership responsibilities to the whim's of government

      4. New Look & Audience Metrics: This July, I rebuilt American Antigravity
      using a new, database-driven news-tool that allows us to spend more time
      writing, and less time designing HTML. The old website worked well, but
      required a time-intensive publication process. Thus, as we now have the
      tools to publish more effectively, you'll notice that the website has a lot
      more content, and higher-quality material as well, since we can now focus
      more on expanding the details of each story. The result has been staggering:
      we're now reaching an average of over 2.1 million visitors a year, and we've
      been able to add searchability & organizational features to improve
      usability for the entire site.

      5. 2006 Funding & Infrastructure Goals: Our community efforts in 2005 led to
      the realization that one of the biggest contributions we can make to this
      emerging field of research is building the infrastructure to support
      innovation. Thus, one of our primary goals in 2006 is going to be working on
      funding to develop American Antigravity's news-assets to fully cover the
      scope of research underway. One of our goals this year was to collect
      funding to allocate to experiments, but we weren't able to solidify a source
      for that (although we came close!). Thus, we're going to continue our quest
      to make 2006 the year that it all comes together, with the hopes that our
      added responsibilities as a media-organization may put to rest some of the
      concerns that usually come from the financial community.

      6. Upcoming Media: We've tentatively scheduled an appearance on Coast to
      Coast AM to update their audience on some of our newer findings, as well as
      to share some of our community-goals & beliefs with them. Hopefully this
      will be a venue to address some of the more interesting physics that we're
      finding, as well as support our lobbying efforts for NASA and other
      mainstream organizations. It's all about building bridges...and our hope is
      by crossing the traditional culture-gaps between mainstream & alt-science,
      we can build a public appeal that's inclusive enough to overcome decades of
      divisiveness & compartmentalization.

      7. New Physics: On a personal note, my recent interview with Dr. Lisa
      Randall showed just how obscure some of the physics relating to Antigravity
      research truly is. I've had the opportunity to learn a variety of
      perspectives on this from the leading scientists & innovators in AG research
      in the field, but I sometimes worry that the bits & pieces of what I'm
      learning don't always come through clearly to the audience. Thus, I'm
      planning a major upcoming expose on Torsion-physics, which should hopefully
      provide a better focus not only on the top-level physics at work, but also
      on the underlying concepts that allow technologies like AG to function.
      Don't worry - this won't be an equation paper. My goal is to provide the
      best information that I can, and write it for readability: if you're still
      interested in equations after that, I'll make sure to reference them for
      innovators looking for additional material.

      Tim Ventura
      http://www.americanantigravity.com <http://www.americanantigravity.com/>
      Phone: 425-820-5675
      Mobile: 425-260-4175

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