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Hutchison Sample Photos, Sept 2005

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  • Tim Ventura
    Dear All: After a Saturday trip to visit John Hutchison, I returned with over 400 photos and over an hour of video interview footage. I ve attached a set of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2005
      Dear All:

      After a Saturday trip to visit John Hutchison, I returned with over 400
      photos and over an hour of video interview footage. I've attached a set of
      sample photos showing the effect on Steel, Brass, and Aluminum bars & rods.
      I've tried to include at least 1 distance & 1 closeup shot for each type of
      material, as well as a couple of photos for Colby Harper, Mike Shafer,
      Harold Berndt, and his two sons.


      We also captured over an hour of video on my handycam, nearly as much on
      Mike's handycam, and 400+ photographs altogether of the team, our trip, John
      himself, and the variety of sample materials that he presented us with.

      John addresses the "PK/psychic" criticism in-depth, and ultimately states
      that it was the only way to keep the research open without having a TS/SCI
      classification attached to it (during the hay-dayof the Reagan

      Also, several of us talked with John about creating a public effort to raise
      funds to buy/rent him a lab-location where he could begin experimenting with
      the Hutchison-Effect again on a regular basis. We'd need to find a
      benefactor for the space & electricity, but realistically John's entire cost
      of setup in the Vancouver OR USA would pale in comparison to even minimal
      startup-company research costs...and the value of his research would far
      outweigh the expense of helping him perform the work.

      I'm going to be sending out a few copies of both the interviews & complete
      high-res photos on DVD, and I am taking requests for copies, depending on
      who wants them. If you're only moderately interested, please consider
      contributing to AAG a bit via PayPal, since these cost about $5 per copy to
      make & send. I'm deducting the expense from the corporate account as a
      promotional CODB, basically so that Danielle doesn't kill me for putting it
      on the family cash-card. If you like John's work, you might consider
      contributing a bit to his research as well (and if it's a choice, I'd rather
      compensate him than myself).

      I can also email you more photos, if you're interested -- I have a broadband
      account, so the upload time is minimal. Please realize that I can't send
      them all though, since I have a 5 meg limit on email attachments (except for
      Comcast customers: 10mb).

      In terms of closeups, we've been able to do significantly better than
      anybody that came before us: I actually scratched my lens bumping it against
      John's samples, and that was with the telephoto zoomed in. I was able to get
      much more detail on the surface & interior structure of these samples than
      I've seen in the past, and shot a mixture of IR-mode and standard
      light-setting shots to show it in as much detail as possible.

      Finally, at present, I don't have Mike's DVD footage on tape, but I should
      have this by the middle of next week. Just an FYI -- I was focused on John,
      so I literally have no idea what Shafer was shooting, but my hope is that he
      was able to get good shots of the equipment that I wasn't focusing on, as
      well as the hope that if he got me on camera, that the camera might take off
      the extra 10-pounds from this summer :o)

      Feel free to forward this around!

      Tim Ventura
      http://www.americanantigravity.com <http://www.americanantigravity.com/>
      Phone: 425-820-5675
      Mobile: 425-260-4175

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