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1American Antigravity News - Wednesday, May 8th

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  • Tim Ventura
    May 8, 2002
      Thanks for joining the news update list for American Antigravity -- I plan on using this list to distribute updates on current events and news for the website.
      Monday, May 6th:
           I completed construction and testing of a 4-cell high-performance Lifter and posted the video to the website. The lifter weighed about 3 grams and had an additional payload capacity for about 2 more -- but it must be taken into account that this is still using the conventional power-supply, consuming about 30 watts.
          The results were promising, and had one unexpected result -- I performed four tests, and in the video you can tell that the acceleration on takeoff is incredibly fast. On the fifth test, the force from acceleration actually broke the Lifter's frame, tethers, and corona-wire when it hit the end of the tethers. This is quit surprising, as I reinforced this one to prevent breaking. http://tventura.hypermart.net/video/fast-lifter1.MPG
      Tuesday, May 7th:
          Testing was conducted outdoors, and included creating some footage of preliminary test-footage on the 3-foot Lifter prototype for the website. The test-footage was taken using the 30-watt power supply and heavy-gauge corona-wire on the 3-foot Lifter -- it was intended for thinner wire and a larger power-supply, so I am happy that it had any appreciable lift. http://tventura.hypermart.net/video/Lifter3-1b.MPG
      Wednesday, May 8th:
          Today I am concentrating on publicizing the website and submitting ideas to various physicists for consideration. I am wondering if perhaps the Biefeld-Brown effect isn't a propulsive force at all -- perhaps it effects the inertia of a moving body, which would then greatly amplify any propulsion that may be generated by ion-wind. The basis for this concept can be found here: http://www.calphysics.org/articles/newscientist.html