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Newsletter for Aug. 5, 2009

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    American News Commentary - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   Vol. 13, No. 6    August 5, 2009    © 2009 - - - - - - - - -
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      News Commentary
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      Vol. 13, No. 6    August 5, 2009    © 2009
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      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
      we have no choice but to once again express
      our thanks to our readers for your many kind
      email messages commending us for last week's
      issue and the views we expressed. Thank you,
      and thanks also for sending your copy of this
      newsletter to your friends, and suggesting that
      they join as new subscribers... with never any
      subscription charge.
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      Let's do that ourselves -- pause and reconsider.
      We are America, we are Americans, the people
      whose views the Senators and Representatives
      in Washington (all 535 of them) are supposed
      to represent. But in case you haven't noticed:
      they don't.
      So first, let's examine the situation that we face
      right now, try to ascertain just what it entails,
      and then make some recommendations as to 
      what we as Christians can do  toward solving
      the problems, and reclaiming this country for
      God and the Christian faith. 
      To get started on making an analysis, more
      than once we have said that this is called the
      "Age of Polls." In some respects, such as
      elections, advance polls are meaningless; the
      only poll that counts  is the actual vote count
      after the election is over. But when the election
      is past, and the new officials or the new
      government is in power -- polls should be a
      directive or at least offer guidance for the
      office-holders who are now in control.
      And right now -- TODAY -- the polls are not
      at all unclear. But those people whom we sent
      to Washington to represent us don't seem to
      grasp the fact that across this country the
      American people do not like what is happening
      in Washington.
      Last week we cited several polls which indicate
      that the Obama honeymoon is on its way to
      being over. This week the same trend continues,
      with particular emphasis on the biggest mistake
      the Obama administration has yet attempted --
      "Obamacare," their government-run, socialized
      health care plan. Polls report that more than
      85% of the American people are pleased with
      their health insurance coverage. An NBC-Wall
      Street Journal poll reports that 42% oppose the 
      Obama plan with only 35% supporting it. (That
      same poll reports that 39% feel we are headed
      in the right direction, with 49% feeling we are
      on the wrong track.) A NY Times-CBS poll
      shows that 59% do not think the plan will help,
      while only 31% think it will help them.
      On one issue important to Christians, despite
      all efforts by Republicans and Conservative
      Democrats to amend the proposed bill, the
      Liberals have forced funding for abortions to
      be included, which means that your tax
      dollars, whether you like it or not, will be
      funding abortions to kill millions more babies.
      As the August recess was beginning, the overall
      national opinion on the proposed health care
      bill was 47% in favor and 51% opposed. What
      is needed is for the lawmakers to hear from and
      respond to the opinions of their constituents.
      THIS IS IMPORTANT: despite the efforts
      of Republicans and "Blue Dog" (Conservative)
      Democrats, the Obama, Pelosi and Reid team
      is determined to force this issue to a final vote
      as soon as Congress returns from the August
      recess. While your Representatives are at home,
      get word to them that you do not want this plan
      which will result in rationed health care, spiraling
      costs and along with reductions in Medicare, it
      even provides for an official in Washington to
      decide at what age health care for seniors
      would cease to be available. This might be
      considered a form of government sponsored 
      euthanasia.  So talk to your representatives on
      home ground, and send them back to vote NO.
      And one question to ask your representatives:
      if Obamacare is such a wonderful plan, and
      good for the American people, why isn't it
      good enough for  members of Congress,
      Senators and Representatives and their families,
      the President, Vice President and their families?
      In other words: if Congress applies this new
      plan to all the American people, then it is
      reasonable that all members of Congress
      would accept the same level of coverage for
      themselves and their families. They all have
      the finest of health care plans which Senator
      Dodd spoke about this past week when he
      announced his upcoming surgery for prostate
      cancer. It IS a good question -- and one they
      just don't like to answer.
      President Obama doesn't fare much better
      than health care in the latest public opinion
      polls, with Rasmussen polls giving him a 47%
      favorable score, and a 51% negative score.
      And the Congressional leaders don't score very
      high, either. Nancy Pelosi, the multi-millionaire
      Speaker of the House, from San Francisco,
      continues to hold a 57% unfavorable score,
      against a 35% favorable score. But her "very
      unfavorable" rating of 45% holds a 5 to 1 rank
      over her "very favorable" rating of 9%. In the
      Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid is favored
      by 26% and rated unfavorable by 48%. (26%
      didn't know enough about him to express an
      opinion.) Reid's "very unfavorable" rating of
      30% far outweighs his "very favorable" rating
      of 3%. (Rasmussen Daily Poll figures.) 
      And, oh yes -- it is reported that 120 million
      doses of the new "swine flu" vaccine will be
      available this Fall for the 160 million who will 
      "qualify" for the vaccine. But seniors have
      been left off the list of the "qualified" people 
      -- this is seen as part of the Obamacare intent
      to "minimize" health care for the elderly. 
      So we do have a problem in Washington.
      Consider what some insiders there are saying;
      you might think of these as "mini-editorials."
      "'Washington is broken,'Obama lamented
      on the campaign trail. Yet, under President
      Obama, the business of Washington is
      booming. The collapse of the Era of
      'Hope'nChangeyness' demonstrates the first
      and last law of political physics: as the
      government grows, corruption flows."
      -- Michelle Malkin
      "President Obama is using a familiar tactic
      to sell his plan to completely overhaul the
      best health care system in the world – fear!
      He knows that no one will support his socialist
      scheme unless he can convince America that
      there is a health care “crisis.” There is no
      health care crisis! Polls show that 84% of
      Americans are “very satisfied” or “satisfied”
      with the health care they currently receive.
      But you aren’t hearing that from the liberal
      media." - David Martin, Media Research Ctr. 
      “Unfortunately, the idea of America has died
      and it’s been replaced by another political
      entity called the United States, which in
      essence is no different from the 200 other
      countries spread across the globe.”
      --Doug Casey, founder and chairman of
      Casey Research, and one of many experts
      who believe American capitalism is dead. 
      "The $787 billion stimulus bill has done zip
      to stimulate the economy. Less than 10 %
      of the money has gone out the door, which
      makes one wonder why it was called a stimulus
      package. Unemployment is at 9.5 percent, well
      above what the Obamaites predicted, and is
      rising...Things are not going Obama's way.
      He is 10 points below where Nixon was after
      a full year, and on economic issues –
      unemployment, the deficit, spending – he is
      under 50 percent. This presidency is not yet
      in trouble, but it is sure headed that way."
      -- Pat Buchanan in Human Events
      Without a quote from others, the picture is clear.
      This week, for a change, we offer a special
      "one-liner," and place it here, rather than in
      "Afterthoughts" where it usually appears: "It
      should be clear that the same warning notice
      must be placed on The ObamaCare Plan as
      on a pack of cigarettes: Consuming this
      product  will be hazardous to your health."
      (Dave Janda, M.D.)
      But enough of outlining some of the details
      of the current situation in our nation. (We may
      yet touch on a few items in "Afterthoughts.")
      But what can we -- as Christians -- do to solve
      some of these problems which confront us?
      The first step is admitting there is a problem,
      and facing the fact that as a nation we made a
      major mistake last November. It is evident that
      some Evangelical Christians swayed by the glib
      promises of "change you can believe in" and
      swept up in the "yes, we can" frenzy, actually
      did vote for Obama.
      That we have a problem here is evident in so
      many ways. Take the Inaugural Oath -- before
      the TV cameras, and with his hand on the Bible,
      there were some word problems. To be sure
      the oath had been taken, the next day there was
      a private oath taking with the Chief Justice, but
      this time, out of sight of the public, there was
      no hand on the Bible.
      Then the next day the Obama staff posted the
      goals of the new administration. The list reads
      like a litany of anti-Christian projects, focusing
      on sexual perversion, including: 
      1) Defeat all state and federal constitutional
      efforts to limit marriage to being, as in the Bible
      view, a union between one man and one woman.
      2) Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)
      signed into law.by Bill Clinton.
      3) Repeal the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
      4) Pass "hate crimes" legislation to provide
      homosexuals special rights denied to other
      Americans, and even silencing any criticism
      of homosexuality as being unbiblical.
      5) Pass the Employment Non-Discrimination
      Act (ENDA) which would force business
      owners to abandon traditional values.
      6) Create intentionally motherless and fatherless
      homes by expanding "gay adoption."
      Plus -- expand access to abortion by enacting
      FOCA, the Freedom of Choice Act, using tax
      dollars to help pay for it. 

      Then on the president's first overseas trip he
      told a Muslim audience that America was not
      a Christian nation, and bragged that we were
      one of the largest Muslim nations in the world,
      on a percentage of population basis. The truth
      is that America ranks somewhere around 20th
      in such a comparison with other nations.
      And in negating the Christian influence of our
      Founding Fathers, he said in his broadcast to
      Muslims from Cairo in June: “I know that Islam
      has always been a part of America’s story. . .
      And since our founding, American Muslims
      have enriched the United States.” But here
      are the facts:
      1) Muslims have not always been important in
      the story of America.
      2) No Muslims of record took part in the
      Revolutionary War.
      3)No Muslims of record fought in the Civil War.
      4) No Muslims were numbered among the ranks
      of U.S. soldiers in World War I.
      5) No Muslims of record served the U.S. military
      in World War II or the Korean Conflict.
      6) Muslims became a sizeable and significant
      element only after 1965 –  thanks to the revised
      Immigration and Naturalization Act. (Paul L.
      Williams, Ph.D., thelastcrusade.org)

      Thus it is evident that as Christians we do have
      some problems. This we can do: (1) We can
      pray for God to give wisdom to the president
      in dealing with present day problems in an
      American way, based on Judeo-Christian
      principles. (2) We can get in touch with our 
      Representatives and our Senators and tell them
      what we want them to do on current issues. (3)
      We can keep informed and be ready to elect
      candidates who are honest Conservatives in the
      next election.
      This quote has never been more applicable:
      "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is
      for good men to do nothing." -- Attributed to
      Edmund Burke, 18th century.
      In 1791, an early American scholar, Thomas
      Paine wrote an analysis of intrusive government
      that merits our review amid present happenings:
      "If, from the more wretched parts of the old
      world, we look at those which are in an
      advanced stage of improvement, we still find
      the greedy hand of government thrusting itself
      into every corner and crevice of industry, and
      grasping the spoil of the multitude. Invention
      is continually exercised, to furnish new
      pretenses for revenues and taxation. It watches
      prosperity as its prey and permits none to
      escape without tribute." --Thomas Paine, in
      "Rights of Man," 1791
      Some Random Afterthoughts . . .
      Adding to the "one liner" above, here are a
      few more from this week's research. As we often
      point out, they do say a lot in just a few words:
      "It should now be clear to all Americans: Hope
      and Change came to the White House wrapped
      in brass knuckles." (Michelle Malkin) 
      "The 20th century may have been the American
      Century. The 21st shows another pattern."
      (Pat Buchanan)
      "With hurricanes, tornados, fires out of control,
      mud slides, flooding,severe thunderstorms
      tearing up the country from end to another, and
      with the threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks,
      are we sure this is a good time to take God out
      of the Pledge of Allegiance?" (Jay Leno)
      On the Passing of Icons. "Some have labeled
      the summer of 2009, the Summer of the
      Celebrity Death Watch, and one could
      successfully argue the point. Ed McMahon,
      Karl Malden, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays,
      David Carradine, Koko Taylor, Fred Travalena
       and, most notably, Michael Jackson – to name
      but a few off the top of my head – have all
      passed away over the course of June and July... 
      It is the caliber of those we have elevated to
      iconic status that exposes just how superficial
      our American culture has become..." (Frank
      Salvato, Managing Editor, New Media Journal)
      As an attendee of Michael Jackson's funeral said,
      "He's our prince, he's our king."  While the never
      ending news coverage of the event seemed to
      approach being intolerable, it revealed mankind's
      longing for a "savior." No matter how sick or
      disturbed Jackson was, or what personal problems
      he had, to many he was and is a god. The longing
      is obviously real.
      One Man's Opinion: "I wrote months ago
      that Obama was an empty suit, and even
      stated that he was possessed of an U.S. hating,
      socialist vision. His ignorance is obscene, yet
      the 'smartest brains in the room,' the so called
      mainstream media, fawns at his feet because
      he can read a teleprompter...In six months
      Obama has done more to destroy the United
      States than all wars in its two hundred year
      history combined." - Col. Bob Pappas, USMCR
      The Obama theory of international affairs,
      and the results of its initial application. Acting
      in line with  his own interpretation of JFK's "Let
      us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never
      fear to  negotiate," President Obama has tried
      his own concept of personal diplomatic
      negotiation with a few of our nation's less friendly
      international neighbors. The results have been
      unfortunately quite uniform. In Iran, the newly
      re-elected President Ahmadinejad recently said:
      "As soon as the new government is established,
      with power and authority, ten times more than
      before, it will enter  the global scene and will
      bring down the global  arrogance,"  Iran has
      also had a share in Russia's response to the
      Obama approach, as for the first time, Russia
      and Iran have announced plans to hold joint naval
      maneuvers in the Caspian Sea, to include at least
      30 Russian and Iranian ships. And across the
      world, North Korea reacted in an even more
      dramatic manner, firing more missiles in a Easterly
      direction, on a course which could deliver their
      bombs to Hawaii and even the American mainland.
      And closest to home, after his comradely meeting
      with President Obama in Trinidad, Venezuela’s 
      strongman President Chávez has his sights set on
      an extended stay in executive office well beyond
      the possibilities of even a second Obama
      administration. To further his adopted theme of
      “socialism for the 21st Century,” Chávez is
      reported as using Venezuela’s oil wealth to fund
      his socialist plans at home and lavish subsidies
      for the like-minded leaders in Cuba, Bolivia and
      Nicaragua.  He advocates establishing Latin
      America’s independence from U.S. overseas
      influence and fosters establishment of a global,
      anti-American union with Iran, Russia and others. 
      A few more important subjects we didn't
      have time or space to comment on this week,
      but which we will discuss in detail next week:
      1) Some "stimulus funds" (those are your tax
      dollars) being used to fund porno art projects.
      2) Dan Rather, who ended a great career under
      a cloud, urging Obama to appoint a press czar.
      3) Two Episcopal dioceses considering gay and
      lesbian candidates for bishops under new rules.
      4) Is it time to quit asking for Obama's birth
      certificate, and his other undisclosed records?
      5) Bill Clinton follows Jimmy Carter's example
      by going on an intervention visit to North Korea.
      6) Wasn't racism the ignored topic at the "beer
      summit" at the White House last week?
      7) Increased Muslim persecution of Christians
      in Pakistan.
      Thomas Winter, Editor-in-Chief of "Human
      Events," had this to say about the Founding
      Fathers whom we quote so frequently: "Tom
      Brokaw labeled the World War II generation
      the 'Greatest  Generation' -- but he was wrong.
      That honor belongs to the Founders -- the men
      who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred
      honor for the cause of liberty, and who
      established the United States. This was a
      generation without equal, and it deserves to be
      rescued from the politically correct textbooks,
      teachers, and professors who want to dismiss
      the Founders as a cadre of dead,  white, sexist,
      slave-holding males."  And we agree!

      Another Founding Father applicable quote:
      "The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of
      the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of
      another, is certainly the most erroneous and
      mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of
      protection, rights, privileges, and advantages,
      is what every part is entitled to, and ought to
      enjoy." -- Benjamin Franklin, 1774
      - - - - - - - - - -
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