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Newsletter for August 6, 2008

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      American News Commentary  * Originally Published as EPOCH Commentary*   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Vol. 11, No. 6     
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      News Commentary
       * Originally Published as EPOCH Commentary*  
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      Vol. 11, No. 6      August 6, 2008        © 2008
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      The four basic principles of Jerry Falwell's "Moral
      Majority" were pro-life ...pro-family...pro-defense
      and pro-Israel. This week we look at the fourth of
      those principles, "pro-Israel."
      This statement appeared this week in a news story
      from the Middle-East: "Israel is just an example
      that God keeps a promise when He makes one."
      No one simple sentence could set forth the pro-
      Israel principle more clearly.
      America's pro-Israel stance is not based upon the
      fact that it is as the only government in the Middle
      East operating as a democratic system or upon Israel's
      loyal support of the American position in international
      affairs. The logical reason for our pro-Israel position
      goes way back to Biblical principles established in
      Old Testament days in God's covenants with Israel,
      His promises to Israel, beginning with the Abrahamic
      Covenant (Gen.12:1-3): "I will make of thee a great
      nation ... I will bless thee ... I will make thy name
      great ... thou shalt be a blessing ... I will bless them
      that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee ...  
      in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed."
      These are promises made by Almighty God, and in
      His own words, "My covenant will I not break, nor
      alter the thing that is gone out of my lips."
      For America, as a Christian nation (at least in its
      original founding principles), there is really no viable
      position for us to hold, other than solidly pro-Israel.
      In the midst of our Civil War, Abraham Lincoln
      expressed a viewpoint which can well serve in 
      determining America's relationship to Israel: "Sir,
      my concern is not whether God is on our side;
      my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for
      God is always right.”
      It seemed never to end, but the once-every-ten-
      years Lambeth Conference finally came to a close
      over the weekend. There was no final act climax;
      rather it just ground to a long overdue halt. The title
      of one of Shakespeare's plays, "Much Ado about
      Nothing," could well have been reversed to describe
      this Conference: "Nothing Ado about Much." 
      That "much" was the authority of the Word of God
      That "nothing" was the endless sessions of indaba
      conversations, admittedly with no agreement or any
      decision in mind. Just sitting around talking, with the
      homosexual bishop Gene Robinson putting on his
      side-show attractions, receiving more attention from
      the media than any of the conference participants.
      In the closing hours of the conference, some of the
      bishops seemed more willing to comment, and the 
      media began to reflect their criticisms, "Things are
      not going well at the Lambeth Conference for the
      Archbishop of Canterbury. Dr. Rowan Williams
      is increasingly being described as a weak and
      vacillating character, seeking to appease both
      sides of an irreconcilable divide ... The divide
      between Anglicans adhering to traditional
      Christian morality, and those who have
      abandoned such morality in the name of
      'progress,' is to all appearances rapidly widening."
      The Bishop of Egypt and North Africa, the Rt. Rev.
      Mouneer Anis, said that the Communion's divisions
      over homosexuality are symptoms of a "much deeper
      illness." After two weeks of attending indaba meetings 
      Anis admitted his uneasiness: "I see a great wall being
      put up by revisionists against those orthodox who
      believe in the authority of Scripture." Other bishops
      said that the Anglican Communion is being ridiculed as
      "the gay church" as the churches lose membership..
      And two senior Church of England bishops, of Exeter
      and Winchester, said that Archbishop Williams has
      failed to avert a schism and have called on him to
      "negotiate an orderly separation" in order to
      preserve a traditional identity for Anglicanism."We
      need to negotiate a separation in the Communion
      sooner rather than later."
      We have been predicting that nothing of substance
      would come from this conference, and that seems
      to be correct. The Rt. Rev. Richard Ellene, Bishop
      of Nelson, NZ, used these words, "most expensive
      exercise in futility." And the Archbishop of Hong
      Kong, the Most Rev. Paul Kwong criticized the
      conference as "merely a talking shop."  The
      Archbishop of Canterbury warned that the Anglican
      Communion was "in grave peril."
      One document did emerge as the production of a
      "Reflections Group," reporting on the various indaba
      sessions of talking and listening. A lengthy document,
      divided into 161 sections, it deals at length with the
      subject of ecumenical unity (now set back because
      of the problems of homosexual bishops and women
      bishops), and the varying views on the authority of
      Scripture. One sentence (at Section 117) summarized
      that issue quite clearly: "The question for many is
      whether the Bible transforms the culture, or the
      culture is allowed to transform the Bible." The
      "Reflections" document also refers to the proposed
      Anglican "Covenant" which is still  in draft form, with
      considerable criticism of the present version.
      Two of the bishops present commented on the
      importance of the environment; the Rt. Rev.
      George Browning, Bishop of Canberra, said "The
      church has only itself to blame for giving the
      impression that it is in the business of saving
      souls only. The environment is what we are
      about." And the Most. Rev. Katherine Jefferts
      Schori, the head of the Episcopal church in the
      USA, said: "If we do not pay attention to the
      health of all creation, the other issues will not
       be important."
      To summarize, and borrowing from media reports:
      "After weeks of talks Anglican bishops from
      around the world were unable to reach an
      agreement on the issue of homosexuality which
      threatens to split the church ... The leader of the
      world's 80 million Anglicans, the Archbishop of
      Canterbury, said the church had failed to
      overcome its problems ... he said it would take
      time to do and to restructure the church."
      A quote not to be forgotten: "Without God there
      is no virtue because there is no prompting of the
      conscience...without God there is a coarsening of
      the society; without God democracy will not and
      cannot long endure...If we ever forget that we are
      One Nation Under God, then we will be a
      Nation gone under." -- President Ronald Reagan
      Some Random Afterthoughts . . .
      For what it's worth, or put another way -- "Does
      anybody care? "-- there is this story floating around
      the Internet: "With hopes of being chosen as
      Barack Obama's vice-presidential running mate
      dashed, Hillary Clinton has begun the process of
      carving out her political future . . .After learning
      that she would address the Democrat National
      Convention on its second night .. The New York
      Post reports Clinton met at a secret ladies-only
      dinner in Washington... reportedly to discuss a
      possible White House run in 2012."
      Meantime husband Bill is running a raffle to raise
      money to help pay off her campaign debts, offering 
      a dinner with Hillary as the prize.
      One more "For what it's worth:" Something not
      to look forward to -- Nancy Pelosi, (D, CA - San
      Francisco to be exact) has announced that she will
      support Obama's promise to repeal the Defense of
      Marriage Act (DOMA), signed into law by Bill
      Clinton as one of his better decisions. And on the
      mis-titled "Fairness Doctrine" act, which would
      result in the hushing of Conservative and presumably
      of Christian broadcasts -- she affirmed that she will
      not permit Rep. Mike Pence (R, IN) to bring his
      Broadcaster Freedom Act to the floor. The nation's
      future, if the Democrats remain in power, is beginning
      to be clear.  "Don't say we didn't warn you!"
      Oh, so you think it can't happen here? At the
      Tyson poultry processing plant in Shelbyville, Tenn.,
      the workers have been advised they will no longer
      have Labor Day as a holiday, but instead will be
      given a day off to observe the Muslim holiday of
      Eid al-Fitr. This change in holidays for religious
      reasons was negotiated by the workers' union , and
      presumably does not apply to non-union workers.
      One wonders if Tyson had a factory in an Arab
      country, would they be allowed to observe Easter
      or Christmas? Doubtful -- but it is happening here.
      The tale of two monuments: (1) For almost 20
      years litigation has been carried on in San Diego
      County, brought on by a now deceased atheist who
      was determined to remove the concrete cross from
      Mt.Soledad -- since 1954 a memorial to America's
      military killed in battlet. Finally, this past week, a
      federal judge ruled that the cross can stay. This
      should end the court battle, but given the views of
      the atheist opponents, a further appeal my occur.
      (2) In Shelbyville, Tenn. a slightly different battle is
      being waged. There a Christian organization --The
      Resistance -- is trying to get a stone monument  
      called "Georgia Guidestones" removed. The several
      slabs of Granite have been called the "American
      Stonehenge." They were erected under the orders of
      an unknown man, who called himself "R.C. Christian,"
      and present an alternative set of "Ten Commandments"
      in 8 different languages. Included is the rule to limit
      the population of the earth to 500 million -- and thus
      eliminate approximately 90% of the present 6 billion.
      During its existence since 1980, the site has been used
      for various satanic and other pagan rituals. Since the
      Ten Commandments of God are being removed from
      so many places, it would seem to be even more a
      logical and reasonable action to remove these Ten
      Commandments also.
      Once more from the Founding Fathers: "The
      liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil
      constitution, are worth defending at all hazards,
      and it is our duty to defend them against all
      attacks. We have received them as a fair
      inheritance from our worthy ancestors; they
      purchased them for us with toil and danger
      and expense of treasure and blood, and
      transmitted them to us with care and diligence."
      -- Samuel Adams, October 1779

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