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American News for May 7, 2008

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    American News Commentary - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Vol. 10, No. 17 May 7, 2008 © 2008 - - -
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      American News Commentary
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      Vol. 10, No. 17          May 7, 2008                 © 2008
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      First, let’s consider the election issues:
      week’s two primaries went somewhat as predicted,
      with Hillary Clinton barely taking a win in Indiana
      – but with a much smaller margin of victory than all
      predictions indicated – by only 2 percentage points –
      far less than the double-digit win she had expected to
      have. And in North Carolina, Barack Obama’s win was
      by a larger margin than most had predicted, by about
      14 percentage points. From the two primaries Obama,
      had a total of about 1,505,000 votes against Clinton’s
      1,295,000 votes. But still with no sign of giving up by
      Clinton, the race will continue through 6 more primary
      elections before the campaign ends on June 3.
      "Is a puzzlement."
      One recalls the words of Yul
      Brynner in "The King and I" when trying to balance
      candidate Hillary Clinton’s promise to end the war in
      Iraq and bring the troops home, with her bellicose
      threat to Iran that the US could "totally obliterate"
      them if they attacked Israel. Sounds more like John
      McCain than McCain himself. The Iranian response
      was that her words were both "provocative and
      irresponsible," and were "a flagrant violation" of
      the UN charter – whatever that means.
      And Indiana will continue in the
      news, since at
      this time each year the major church denominations
      have their annual meetings. In mid-June the Southern
      Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant
      church, will meet in Indianapolis. Then in July/August
      the world-wide Anglican Communion will convene the
      every-ten-year Lambeth Conference in Canterbury,
      at which time the divisions within the American
      Episcopal Church over the issues of homosexuality
      will be a major topic for discussion. Just a week ago
      the United Methodist Church in America made its
      decision to maintain the language in its rules that
      homosexual activity is "incompatible with Christian
      teaching." And on that subject, the Presbyterian
      Church USA by action of its highest court, cleared the
      Rev. Jane Adams Spahr of misconduct in performing
      same-sex marriages on the grounds that unions
      between two women are not marriages, and ruled
      that the lower court "found Spahr guilty of doing
      that which be definition cannot be done." Seems to
      be a classic example of convoluted logic.
      TIME Magazine has done it again
      This week’s
      issue (May 12) features the magazine’s fifth annual
      list naming the "100 Most Influential People in
      the World." The list is as remarkable for the names
      included, as for those which are not included. As an
      example, the only religious figures included are the
      Dalai Lama, Bartholomew I of the Eastern Orthodox
      Church and Muqtada Al-Sadr, the Iraqi Islamic Shiite.
      No Protestant Christian, no Roman Catholic Pope. At
      times like this we miss Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell,
      James Kennedy and John Paul II. Included was
      athlete Lance Armstrong, but no Tiger Woods. George
      Mitchell but no Jimmy Carter. Hillary Clinton but no
      Bill Clinton. Tony Blair but no Al Gore. And the only
      person included in all five of TIME’s annual lists is
      Oprah Winfrey. Of the 500 names in all those years,
      only 48 have been on the lists more than once. But
      George W. Bush and China’s Hu Jintao have each
      appeared 4 times, more than any other world leaders.
      Still, it would have been nice to think that one, just
      one, active Evangelical Christian Believer was of some
      influence in the world.
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      With all the presidential election activity
      you ever wondered what kind of a person American
      people really want to be their leader? The American
      Bible Society commissioned a Zogby poll of likely
      voters, and discovered that the majority want one
      who reflects Biblical ideals of leadership. Truth and
      and integrity were rated as most important. 60% favor
      a candidate who follows the examples of leaders from
      the Bible. 78% viewed as positive a president citing
      Scripture when addressing political positions. Nearly
      nearly 50% said they would not vote for a candidate
      who did not believe in God. Overall, they want a
      leader who demonstrates accountability to God. Not
      a bad list to take into the voting booth on election day.
      A word from a Founding Father:
      "Suppose a
      nation in some distant Region should take the Bible
      for their only law book, and every member should
      regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited;
      what a utopia, what a paradise would that Region
      – John Adams, second President, and the first
      to occupy the White House. During his first stay there
      he wrote to his wife: "I pray Heaven to bestow the
      best of Blessings on this House and all that shall
      hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise
      men ever rule under this roof." (November, 1800)
      A few random thoughts . . .
      Don’t ignore world demographics.
      The National
      Policy Institute has blended the figures of fertility
      rates with the various races and continents on our
      planet, and have come up with some interesting
      projections for the year 2060. For example, in 1950
      whites represented 28% of the world’s population
      and Africans represented 9%. In 2060, it is projected
      that those rates will remain about the same, but will
      be reversed. People of African origin will represent
      25% of the world’s population, and those of European
      origin will represent 9.8%. Here in America the
      Hispanic population will triple to 127 million – and
      an erasure of the traditional border between the US
      and Mexico seems likely, with Mexico annexing the
      current American Southwest. Since the year 2000
      whites have lost their former share of the voting age
      population in California, dropping from 51.9% in
      2000 to about 47% in 2007. Remember Bob Dylan’s
      song of the ‘60s: "The times they are a-changin."
      An example of "multicultural equivalency."
      Our State Department has yielded to pressure from
      Muslim interests, and certain words are now banned.
      Included are terms like "Jihadist ...Islamic terrorist...
      Islamofascist...Islamo-facism...Holy warrior." A
      similar list of terms was distributed to diplomatic
      circles in Britain and the European Union last year.
      We are waiting for the approved descriptive term
      for suicide bombers; presumably the term "homicide
      bomber" would be considered offensive.
      It isn’t just in America
      that the Boy Scouts have
      trouble – they’re also under attack in Great Britain,
      but not by the ACLU. There the British Humanist
      Association and the National Secular Society have
      led the attack, but the grounds are the same – in
      Britain the Scout Oath includes the pledge to "do
      their best to do their duty to God and the Queen."
      As in this country, the scouts in Britain are being
      labeled "discriminatory." Historically, both nations
      used to put God first, but in the ongoing decline
      into a secular society, the old beliefs have changed.
      Don’t throw away your winter coats,
      at least
      not any time soon. And wherever Al Gore is, someone
      should call his attention to the fact that all his
      "Global Warming" followers have come face-to-face
      with some contrary facts, as reported by Christopher
      Booker in the London Telegraph on May 4. Note these
      few excerpts: "Two weeks ago, as North America
      emerged from its coldest and snowiest winter for
      decades, the US National Climate Data Center ...
      issued a statement that snow cover in January on
      the Eurasian land mass had been the most extensive
      ever recorded ... On April 24 the World Wildlife Fund
      published a study warning the Arctic sea ice was
      melting ...[but] by March the ice had recovered to
      14 million sq km, and that ice cover... was at its
      highest level ever recorded ... At the same time
      Antarctic sea ice cover was also at its highest-ever
      level." So let’s keep those winter coats handy!
      Time proven words to remember:
      "My concern
      is not whether God is on our side; my greatest
      concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always
      right." –
      Abraham Lincoln

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