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Newsletter for Feb. 3, 2010

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      American News Commentary
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      Vol. 14, No. 5               February 3, 2010                  © 2010
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      You have been made aware of our computer problems,
      and since we operate on a totally free basis, we simply
      have not had the funds to replace worn-out, out-dated
      equipment. But a few friends who appreciate the mission
      of ANC, and don't want it to end, have made it possible
      for us to acquire this week both new and replacement
      equipment, and these extremely difficult days will soon
      be over, and we will be able to do a better job of bringing
      reports on the day's news from a Christian Conservative
      viewpoint. Thank you for your patience!
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   
      "Why have no heads rolled?"
      And this is our editorial for this week. But first, we freely
      admit -- that headline isn't ours. It was the lead editorial
      in one of America's major metropolitan daily newspapers
      just a few days ago. It is a question that many -- probably
      most -- Americans are asking. And we will get back to it.
      But now for our editorial . . .
      In our continuing efforts to comment on current events,
      including political, from a Christian viewpoint, we are
      often perceived as being solely "anti-Obama."  But that
      is too simplistic a perception. History proves that the
      United States of America was created by our Founding
      Fathers on basic Judeo-Christian principles, and with
      their firm intent that this should be a Christian nation.
      And for the more than 230 years of America's existence,
      it has been as a Christian nation that we earned the
      respect, admiration and, yes, envy of the civilized nations
      of the world. And they have learned to depend on us to
      come to their aid in times of oppression and disaster.
      Through all those years, it is granted that not every
      president has met the precise standard of being "Born
      again, Christian, Evangelical and Conservative." But it is
      also true that no president has ever before declared that 
      America is not a Christian nation, or has shown open
      disdain for Christianity, affirming instead, in varying
      degrees, his admiration for a contrary religion: Islam.
      So we arrive at the conclusion that this man who has
      had unlimited power for all of his first year in office,
      instead of achieving his own assessment of "B-plus,"
      has really flunked in his planned accomplishments. 
      Setting aside his multiplying the national debt, federal
      support and involvement in business, banking and
      manufacturing, granting of American citizens' rights to
      Muslim terrorists, and the non-achievement of his major
      proposal for completely restructuring the nation's
      health program, as Christians we have to be alarmed over
      his efforts to alter the traditional Christian life of our nation.
      He is open in his support of homosexuality, contrary to
      Bible teaching; he favors freedom of choice to increase
      the practice of abortion, contrary to the Declaration of
      Independence affirmation that all men are entitled to life;
      he enacted the "Hate Crime" law which can have a
      dramatic effect on freedom of speech from American
      pulpits; he has pledged to repeal the Defense of Marriage
      Act to do away with God's instruction that married 
      couples should be fruitful and multiply . . . and that is
      only a brief summary of his anti-Christian convictions
      and intentions. We have not even touched on the views
      of authoritative opinions of international historians who
      are warning us of the dangers of the socialistic trend in
      American governmental proposals, and that socialism is
      a major step toward atheistic communism.
      And from an international viewpoint, last week following
      the State of the Union speech, Lech Walesa, former
      President of Poland, made this sobering assessment: "The
      US does not lead morally or politically anymore. The
      world has no leadership. The United States was always
      the last resort and hope for all other nations. That was
      the hope, that whenever something was going wrong,
      one could count on the United States. Today we lost
      that hope"
      Thus our position is more significantly "pro-Christian
      America" than it is simply "anti-Obama." Of course, the
      two positions virtually go hand in hand, and the corollary
      is obvious: to be "pro-Obama" is essentially to be "anti-
      Christian America."
      And now back to the opening question -- part of the
      answer has to include: "Whose heads?"  One aspect of
      the serious problems facing America is that of our
      national security, which is really the president's first and
      major responsibility. We are increasingly subject to
      Muslim terrorist attacks, and our security is clearly
      lacking. Some have pointed to Janet Napolitano,
      Secretary of Homeland Security, as having earned
      immediate dismissal.
      Others point to another aspect of national security which
      has been weakened -- the granting of civilian rights and
      trials to terrorists, and feel that Attorney General Eric
      Holder should be dismissed. And many feel that the past
      and most recent actions of Treasury Secretary Timothy
      Geithner are more than sufficient grounds for dismissal.
      And whoever is in charge of our national response to
      disasters -- no single name can be ascertained -- but
      whichever Czar it is, they have made the response to the
      Haiti disaster make the foul-ups of the Katrina response
      look like a model of efficiency. Fortunately the nation's
      Christian agency responses, and those of some other
      nations, have filled that gap.
      And then there is Ben Bernanke, finally approved by the
      Senate to head up the Federal Reserve by a 70-30 vote,
      the largest negative vote in the 32 years of this procedure.
      (The largest previous negative vote was in Paul Volker's
      confirmation, 84-16.) Perhaps Bernanke, too, should go.
      In short, there are many heads which deserve to roll, but
      it is doubtful that this president and his Congress will
      take the seemingly necessary actions. 
      A few comments on the "State of the Union" speech;
      in all candor, it doesn't merit more than just a few.  To
      begin, it could much better have been titled "State of My
      Mind" rather than "State of the Union," because it really
      represented Obama's "smoke and mirrors" attempts to
      gloss over and ignore his errors, and to revert to his
      campaign promises (or threats) to "transform" America.
      But it is a regularly scheduled event of some importance
      . . . has been much in the news . . . and deserves at least
      some mention herein.
      Ercille Christmas (author of  "Thoughts of a Proud
      American") wrote quite pointedly, "Hello There, Mr.
      President. I did not watch your State of the Union
      speech. I already know the state of the Union. It is at
      the point where the 'lipstick on this pig' analogy is
      looking more and more apropos." An interesting
      comment: some residents of San Diego, CA, have
      emailed us to say that there is new evidence that San
      Diego is truly "America's finest city" -- at exactly 6:00
      PM on Jan. 27, much of the city experienced a power
      outage, lasting for several hours, thus preventing TV
      coverage of the speech.
      Matt Staver, of Liberty Counsel, gave a more exacting
      summary,  "He upbraided the Republican minority;
      he chastised his own party's legislators; he publically
      excoriated the United States Supreme Court; he blasted
      former administrations; and he told the Joint Chiefs of
      Staff exactly how it was going to be on the explosive
      issue of homosexuals openly serving in the military. In
      fact, the only government official who remained above
      blame for any of the nation's problems was... himself."
      Investors Business Daily (IBD) referred to it as "State
      of Denial," and asked this question, "When have senators
      and congressmen ever before been unable to keep from
      laughing at — not with — a president?"  Of course,
      a few of the elite media liked the speech. Chris Matthews
      (on MSNBC) who once was much listened to, and who
      confessed he got thrills up his legs when Obama spoke,
      said of the speech, “Obama is post-racial by all
      appearances. You know, I forgot he was black tonight
      for an hour.” (Could that be a racist remark? From a
      true-blue Obama sycophant? Maybe the Harry Reid
      viewpoint is contagious.It does make you wonder.)
      One great summary, from a Christian viewpoint, was
      from Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist
      Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, who wondered
      "if he's been in a Rip Van Winkle slumber somewhere
      and has missed the votes in Virginia, New Jersey and
      Massachusetts. The votes in those three states,
      particularly Massachusetts, can only be taken by a fair-
      minded observer as a rejection of the direction President
      Obama is seeking to lead the country. When you're
      seeking to lead and no one's following, you're just out
      for a walk."

      The president vowed once again that he would not rest
      until U.S. businesses were hiring again, and then with his
      poll numbers continuing to sink, and his presidential plans
      floundering, he tried another town-hall type meeting in
      Florida, offering $8 billion in seed money for high speed
      rail systems, obviously years away -- while at the same
      time his Senate was voting (60-39) to increase the federal
      debt limit by $1.9 trillion to $13.3 trillion. (Don't even try
      to imagine how much that is!) And on Monday he revealed
      his new budget, which projected $5.08 trillion in deficit
      spending over the next five years -- a 35 %  increase over
      what his administration had projected just a year ago.
      During the State of the Union address the president said
      that his administration has cut taxes for 95% of Americans. 
      It is significant that polls show that only 21% of voters 
      believe that. Most (53%) say it has not happened. He also
      stated that “after two years of recession, the economy is
      growing again,” but only 35% of voters believe that
      statement is true, while 50% say it is false. And he made
      the further claim that his administration is responsible for 
      putting to work two million people “who would otherwise
      be unemployed.” Only 27% of voters say that statement
      is true while 51% say it is false. There is obviously a major
      disconnect between the president and the American people.
      The President "still believes the problem is that people
      fail to understand his goals," suggests Heritage fellow
      and former Congressman Ernest Istook; "Instead, his
      problem is that we understand them all too well."
      Finally, in what was the second longest State of the
      Union speech ever (only Bill Clinton made a longer one), 
      Obama referred to himself repeatedly (by one count, he
      used "I" 115 times), and claimed he was the anointed
      spokesman for "we," the American people, more than
      100 times. By contrast, he referred only twice to the US
      Shakespeare said it well in his comedy title: "Much ado
      about nothing." Or Benjamin Franklin: "Here comes the
      orator! With his flood of words, and his drop of reason." 
      A repeat of an often used heading: "What can we, as
      Christians, do now?" Our friend and long time Christian
      Conservative commentator, Gary Bauer, expressed in
      his words the message we have also been conveying,
      week after week: "The American people heard two vastly
      different visions for America. Only one of them can
      prevail. That’s why it is so important for men and
      women of faith to be informed and fully engaged in
      the public policy process. The most important way you
      can make your voice heard is by voting, but you must
      first be registered to vote. If you or anyone you know is
      not yet registered to vote, please do so today." He did
      not mention, as we always do, the date of Tuesday,
      Nov. 2, 2010, now just 272 days away. Don't forget that
      date. Begin to plan how to vote on that day.
      And here are a few elections where we can make a
      change for the better . . .  our friends in these states
      should take notice: Delaware: Vice President Joe
      Biden's son, Beau Biden, has decided not to campaign
      to take over the seat in the Senate his father vacated. A
      strong Conservative Representative, and former Governor, 
      Mike Castle, may become a candidate. Nevada: Senate
      Majority leader, and Obama devotee, Harry Reid, is
      already running way behind in the polls. Nevada voters
      can send a strong message by replacing him. And in
      Illinois, Roland Burris, appointed by the state's corrupt
      Governor to fill Obama's Senate seat, has made (for him)
      a highly moral and ethical decision: he will not seek
      re-election. A great opportunity for a Republican upset
      there, rivaling the Brown victory in Massachusetts! Some
      other suggestions will be coming next week.
      Some words of advice from Founding Fathers which we
      should always keep in mind at election time: "The public
      cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public
      men." -- Samuel Adams, 1775
      "In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide.
      Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the
      candidate - look to his character." --Noah Webster, 1789
      "Good moral character is the first essential in a man ...
      It is therefore highly important ... not only to be learned
      but virtuous." --George Washington, 1790
      You have indicated you like them, so we keep bringing
      new "one liners" to your attention.  
      "Plan ahead: It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark."

      -- Richard Cushing


      "There is as much chance Obama will reboot himself as
      JFK as there was that JFK would ever have redefined
      himself as an Obama." -- A.J. DiCintio
      "The problem is not the 'crises' Obama inherited. It's the
      ones he's creating." -- columnist David Limbaugh
      “The President made it clear last night that he is not
      interested in the will of the people." -- Brent Bozell  
      "I'd rather be a really good one-term president than a
      mediocre two-term president." -- Barack Obama (Weekly
      Standard editor, Fred Barnes, suggested that Mr. Obama
      could combine the two concepts and be a one-term,
      mediocre president.)


      Others are saying -- a few comments from the news:
      "Just as we do not tolerate private racial beliefs that
      adversely affect African-Americans in the commercial
      arena, even if such beliefs are based on religious views,
      we should similarly not tolerate private beliefs about
      sexual orientation and gender identity that adversely
      affect LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender]
      people."  (This example of leftist tolerance is from Chai
      Feldblum, openly lesbian Law Professor at Georgetown
      University and Obama's nominee to serve on the Equal
      Employment Opportunity Commission)
      "The President could wait months before deciding to
      give a general the troops he asked for to fight the war
      in Afghanistan but there was never to be enough time
      for the health care bill to be exposed in the light of day
      to the usual Congressional hearings and debate."
      (Thomas Sowell)
      "The state of the union is obstreperous. Dyspepsia is
      the new equilibrium. All the passion in American politics
      is oppositional. The American people know what they
      don't like, which is: everything." (Joel Achenbach, staff
      writer, Washington Post)
      "If those in power choose to ignore what the Constitution
       says, who can stop them? ... Remember, if the old lion
      of socialism hadn't passed away, the most anti-liberty
      piece of legislation in history — posing as a 'healthcare
      bill' --  would have been passed into law ... The
      progressives have already decided what is 'best for the
      most,' even if most don't want it! Which is why
      'universal healthcare' will reappear, again and again."
      (Robert Ringer)
      Some random afterthoughts . . .
      Some, not all, of the puzzlements Islam offers: Many
      supporters or adherents of Islam (including our president)
      keep trying to convince us "Infidels" (Christians) that the
      religion of Muslims, Islam, is a peaceful religion. And it
      can probably be accepted as true that all Muslims are not
      terrorists -- but it is also a fact that all of the terrorists who
      have attacked America and Americans are Muslims. That
      is puzzling. And then there is the puzzling confusion over
      the name for the Supreme Being of the two religions. The
      Islamists refer to their God by the name Allah, yet that
      letter to the world's Christians from the 138 Islamic
      scholars, titled "A Common Word Between Us and You,"
      (a hot topic a couple of years ago), clearly identified the
      Allah of the Quran with the God of the Bible. But when
      churches in Malaysia recently began using the name Allah
      to refer to God, the Muslims burned and destroyed the
      Christian churches. However, when Osama bin Laden in
      his latest message to the West used the name God in
      place of Allah, there was no outcry, no burning of churches
      or mosques. These are just a few of the puzzling aspects of
      Islam. In future issues we will touch on others.
      Don't you love some of the elite media? Nine days
      before the January 19 Senate election in Massachusetts,
      veteran Globe Magazine writer Charles Pierce ridiculed
      the idea that Republican Scott Brown could win, in a
      piece written as a letter to Brown: "Well, we’re almost
      here, aren’t we? The end of a long, arduous, four-month
      campaign for a Senate seat that you have approximately
      the same chance of filling as you did the pilot’s chair of
      the Starship Enterprise." Remember the old phrase about
      "eating crow?" One wonders how Mr. Pierce enjoyed his
      They love to ridicule W's communication skills, but
      the elite media virtually ignored Obama's use of his much
      depended on teleprompter to speak to an elementary
      school class of 6th graders in Falls Church, VA on
      January 19. Someone apparently leaked news photos of
      the use of the device. It can probably go down as another
      of Obama's "firsts."
      Our Founding Fathers seem to have foreseen the type
      of leadership we are experiencing . . .
      "There are more instances of the abridgment of the
      freedom of the people by gradual and silent
      encroachments of those in power than by violent and
      sudden usurpations." --James Madison, 1788
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