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Newsletter, Jan 6, 2010

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      American News Commentary
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      Vol. 14, No. 1               January 6, 2010                     © 2010
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      Another milestone achieved: You may have noted that this
      issue is indexed as "Vol. 14, No.1" We have arbitrarily set
      each Volume as 6 months -- so this issue marks the beginning
      of the 7th consecutive year of weekly publication. How long
      we can continue is an open question -- we may be forced to
      cease publication soon -- but at least this important date has
      been reached. Thank you for staying with us, and for urging
      your friends and others to subscribe. 
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      suggestions about the traditional New Year's Resolutions in
      last week's issue. But because it is still a timely subject, here
      is an interesting comment by writer Jen Hubley: "I've found it:
      It's our New Year's Resolution for 2010. The only one, in fact,
      that we need. This year, instead of fixating on losing weight,
      quitting our bad habits, and paying off our debt, let's just
      agree to be nicer to ourselves. If we can do that, the other
      stuff will be easy...This is my favorite: Do something for you
      everyday." And putting a Christian emphasis on such a down-
      to-earth, common sense thought as that, how about resolving
      not to turn against God, and put into effect the word of the
      Psalmist, in 119:11: "Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that
      I might not sin against thee." And if you are looking for a
      new approach to reading and appropriating God's word, here's
      a quick and easy suggestion: read the Psalms and the Proverbs
      every day for a month. There are just 150 Psalms -- read 5 a
      day, and you complete them in a month. There are just 31
      chapters in Proverbs -- read 1 a day and you will complete
      them in a month. And why these two books out of the 66 in
      the Bible? It has been said that the Psalms will teach you how
      to get along with God, and the Proverbs will teach you how
      to get along with your fellow-men. Try that schedule for just
      a month; it will prove to be the best thing you could do for
      yourself in this new year, 2010.
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *    

      For a few weeks we will be entertained with lists setting
      forth "The Best (or the Worst) of 2009," and just as often
      we will be offered predictions for 2010, based heavily on the
      writers' political, religious or sociological leanings -- those
      predictions can all be summed up in the term "Worldview."
      What, exactly, are we talking about? We have touched on
      the subject of "Worldview" before -- the American Heritage
      Dictionary defines it as: "1. The overall perspective from
      which one sees and interprets the world. 2. A collection of
      beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or
      a group."
      Chuck Colson, in announcing the program of the Colson
      Center (www.colsoncenter.org), applies the Christian aspect
      in these words: "Christianity is an all-encompassing
      worldview. It causes us to see the world in a way that shapes
      the way we live in the world. It shapes the way we evangelize
      and the way we disciple others. And it shapes the way we
      fulfill the cultural commission—carrying on the work of God
      as we cultivate and employ all the resources God has placed
      at our disposal for the sake of His creation."
      Looking back at 2009 and the first 10 years of the Twenty-
      first Century, Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" comes to mind,
      and the familiar line: "It was the best of times, it was the worst
      of times..." We experienced terrorist attacks on American soil
      . . . we entered into two foreign wars that continue even today
      . . . we saw the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, the largest
      natural disaster in our nation's history . . . our way of life was
      threatened by the worst economic recession in more than 70
      years . . . and in the final days of 2009, attacks and attempted
      attacks made it clear that President Obama's initial assessment
      of our nation's security efforts was right:"totally unacceptable."
      From a religious viewpoint we have seen our nation's historic
      traditional Christian moral values come under attack from a
      national administration which favors homosexual behavior,
      encourages the killing of children through abortion, and
      threatens the freedom of speech and religion which our
      Constitution has always guaranteed. More than once our
      president declared that America is no longer a Christian nation.
      Former UN Ambassador John Bolton referred to Mr. Obama
      as "our first post-American president," and we should pause,
      consider the spiraling public debt, unemployment, banking
      and industrial chaos, and the apparent failures in national
      security, and try to understand how can we be entering a
      "post-American decade?" How did it all go so so wrong, so
      quickly, in every aspect of  American life? Can it be true, as
      some have predicted, that "the Jihad Decade cometh.?"
      The answer to that question is purely speculative. But this we
      know: In the last national election in 2008 the liberal, left-wing
      elements of the American public, aided and abetted by the
      elite media, and attracting significant numbers of votes from
      our nation's religious members -- Evangelical, Catholic and
      Jewish -- so that the result was that we elected as president
      an icon of just about everything that belies the Jewish-Christian
      principles upon which this nation was built and upon which
      it has always existed. Political writer Pamela Geller summarized
      Mr. Obama's first year in office using these words: " ... with
      as much understanding of the American experience as any
      foreign national ...  His lack of experience in all relevant
      areas to the office of the President is breathtaking. And his
      bowing to Islam and our enemies worldwide is disastrous.
      2009 was a nightmare."
      So much for looking back; what about the future? We
      have just observed a shocking display of partisan politics at
      its worst in the supposedly sacrosanct U.S. Senate, where
      members proved willing to sell their vote in support of the
      administration's health care reform plan -- despite the fact that
      polls show that 58% of the American people oppose the plan,
      either version, House or Senate.
      And now, even though the health reform proposal is not a
      fait accompli, the Obama administration is preparing to push
      for a major overhaul of the nation's immigration system. Senior
      White House aides privately have assured Latino activists that
      the president will back legislation next year to provide a path
      to citizenship for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants
      living in the United States. (The old familiar term is "amnesty.")
      And this proposal will doubtless face even greater public
      opposition than the "Obamacare" health reform plan.
      Any speculation about the future has to take into account the
      facts disclosed by the several national polls which continue
      to report that the opinions of the American people on Mr.
      Obama's performance are uniformly on a downward trend.
      The over-all favorable job approval score of 62% on Inaugural
      day had fallen to 46% by  year end. The daily performance
      index of +23 on Inaugural day had fallen to -18 at year end.
      And as the new year begins, only 29% feel that as a nation
      we are headed in the right direction, with 67% reporting that
      we are on the wrong track.
      Given these overall factors, it is difficult to foresee any kind
      of a favorable future for America -- unless some changes are
      made. The next presidential election is not scheduled until the
      year 2012. However, as we have been pointing out for the past
      several weeks, there is a national election in 2010 -- on Nov.2,
      to be exact. All members of the House will be up for election,
      as will approximately one-third of the members of the Senate.
      In last week's issue we pointed out how many "Religious"
      voters -- Protestants, Catholics, Evangelicals and Jews -- had
      played a part in electing Mr. Obama, and the strong liberal
      majorities in both Houses of Congress. In November of this
      year we can change the make-up of Congress, and thus affect
      the unstoppable power of Mr. Obama and his present ultra
      liberal Congress.
      There are enough of us Evangelical Christians in this country
      to reclaim this nation for God and move it back to what it has
      always been: a Christian nation, although that is denied by
      President Obama. As of today, there are just 300 days till Nov.
      2, 2010. Mark that date on your calendar. It is a "take action
      day" for American Christians. Let's not give up on America!
      Was there any point in yesterday's security conference?
      If so, it isn't immediately apparent. After a lengthy report
      session with some 20 members of the president's security
      team, Mr. Obama was able to present the results in 5 or 6
      minutes, summed up in these words: "We will do better," and
      the promise that within a few days he will be receiving more
      detailed reports and suggestions as to what should be done to
      correct what went wrong on Christmas Day. His choice words
      of concern as to our security failures: "unacceptable" and
      "systemic failure"  and "isolated extremist." As for anyone --
      for example, Janet Napolitano -- losing their job, one recalls
      President Bush commending the Director of FEMA, Michael
      Brown, after the Katrina disaster, "Brownie, you're doing a
      heck of a job." Apparently Obama has a similar feeling about
      Ms. Napolitano. But this much is apparent: Instead of calling
      terrorist Abdulmutallab an enemy combatant and interrogating
      him, we have granted him all the protections our justice system
      provides any civil defendant, with a paid-for attorney and a trial
      in an American court. We can expect this foolish generous act
      to be remembered and exploited by the next Abdulmutallab or
      whatever the next Jihad-terrorist will be named. 
      Global Warming and Climate Change are still "hot topics"
      for the Algore Theory fans, but in Great Britain the advice is
      being circulated to buy a new winter coat. Experts there are
      predicting that this will be one of the coldest winters in the
      past 100 years. This prediction comes from British scientist,
      Mojib Latif who predicted in September that the earth would
      be facing a cooling period for the next 20 or 30 years. (And
      Britain was the site of the university research study which
      messed up the statistical data upon which the Algore people
      depended prior to the Copenhagen conference fiasco.) Try
      to convince the residents of the upper mid-West and the
      North-East of America about how warm it is!
      A New Year, and because you enjoy them, we will still
      look for and share some choice "One Liners" with you . . .
      "Rather than the new era of transparency and bipartisanship
      the Obama administration promised, it is now clear that we
      are rapidly becoming 'The Divided States of America.'" 
      (Matthew Staver)
      "In the hours that followed the attack, Obama foolishly
      called the attempt an 'isolated incident.'  That's like Tiger
      Woods calling Rachel Uchitel an isolated incident." 
      (Andrea Tantaros)
      (After a sleepless, overnight flight to Oslo, President Barack
      Obama made a not altogether surprising admission: he was
      tired.) "Jetting off for Broadway dates, undeserved Peace
      Prizes, botched Crony-lympics bids, and world apology
      tours is hard work, don’t you know?" (Michelle Malkin)
      (Concerning the Christmas terrorist attack:) "The longer our
      leaders remain delusional, the more likely more of us will
      die."  (Gary Bauer)
      "How has occupying two nations at a cost of 5,000 dead,
      35,000 wounded and a trillion dollars made us safer from
      an enemy that more resembles the Apache of Geronimo than
      the panzers of Rommel?"  (Pat Buchanan)
      "Rather than respond with vigorous force to protect the
      homeland, the liberal response was to 'swaddle terrorists
      in  the rights of American criminal defendants.'"
      (Andrew McCarthy)

      And here are a few examples of what "Others are Saying."
      These seem to reflect the opinions of the majority of the people
      of America concerning current events.
      Robert Ringer: "If you start with a false premise, you will
      always arrive at a false conclusion. That government has
      a right to impose "cap and trade" rules (and taxes) on
      individuals or companies is a false premise. That government
      has a right to force people to buy health insurance is a false
      premise. That government has a right to redistribute wealth is
      a false premise."
      Newt Gingrich"Secretary of Homeland Security Janet
      Napolitano's claim that the Detroit bomber was allowed to
      board a plane with explosives hidden in his underwear
      proved the system worked is proof we need a new Homeland
      Security Secretary who knows we need a new strategy and a
      new focus. We have been warned. Again. Will we now act?"
      Thomas Sowell: "The only thing healthy about Congress'
      health insurance legislation is the healthy skepticism about
      it by most of the public, as revealed by polls. What is most
      unhealthy about this legislation is the raw arrogance in the
      way it was conceived and passed."
      Peter Brown, Quinnipiac University Polling Institute: "The
      economy may be growing and the recession may be over,
      but on Main Street, people who are unemployed are not
      happy and people who are worried about being unemployed
      are not happy." 
      A present day evaluation of our Founding Fathers:
      "America's Founding Fathers clearly understood that faith
      in the Creator and true Freedom are inseparable. We believe
      their worldview was a Christian one based upon the Great
      Commission of the Gospel and biblically enlightened self-
      government. As inscribed on the Liberty Bell, they would
      'Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the
      inhabitants thereof.' (Leviticus 25:10) Solomon once said:
      'When there is no vision, the people perish.' The true
      American Dream is more accurately called the American
      Vision. It is the Vision that drove our Founding Fathers to
      establish our Constitutional Republic as a nation under God."
      -- G. Edward Griffin
      And there is this warning word from our 3rd president:
      "We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt."
      --Thomas Jefferson, in a letter, 1816
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