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Re: Power consumption

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  • amelliahona
    ... information from current Amel SM owners and would appreciate any input you may have. ... long the generator and/or engine must be run daily especially at
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2002
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      --- In amelyachtowners@y..., "Sue Dyer" <sdyerjump@i...> wrote:
      > Hello to all. We are new to the group and are looking for
      information from current Amel SM owners and would appreciate any input
      you may have.
      > 1)Since the Amel depends heavily on electronics we'd like to know
      long the generator and/or engine must be run daily especially at
      anchor. We know that will vary depending upon how one lives however a
      general idea would be helpful.
      > 2)Also, if anyone owns a SM Millennium have there been any
      improvements in the watermaker...is it still somewhat problematic?
      > 3)Any circumnavigators or transoceanic voyagers out there? Would
      love to talk with you.
      > Blue skies and fair winds

      Hi Sue: My name Is Gary Silver. We purchased hull number 335 July
      2001. Within 10 days of starting our owners schooling my family and
      I set sail from La Rochelle to La Carunia Spain, thence down the coast
      of Spain and Portugal and ended up in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.
      We left the boat in a marina there for 3 months then went back and my
      family and I sailed it across the Atlantic to Guadelopue. Our
      transatlantic took 21 days due to SW winds for the first 5 days. We
      used the auto pilot heavily and with 6 people aboard also taxed other
      electronics. We ususally had to charge batteries for 2 hours each
      morning (during which time we made water) and one hour each evening. I
      try to never let the batteries get below 65 percent. We only had to
      make water about every other day. Joel's statement about not having
      to worry about having enough water is true. We have bacome somewhat
      profligate in our use of fresh water aboard. We haven't had a bit of
      trouble with the water maker. It still puts out 150 to 160 liters per
      hour. We flush the membrane with fresh water for 2 minutes after each
      use (using the valve Amel provides) and we pickel the thing any time
      we leave the boat for more than a week. I have heard various claims
      about only needing to pickel it if left un-used for several months but
      I am conservative and hope to not have problems. One thing Joel just
      warned me about is not flusing it with marina water (chlorine can
      evidently damage the membranes). He suggested using a in line
      charchoal hose filter when filling the tank from a marina hose.
      > We just spent 10 days cruising Guadeloupe and we would run the gen
      set much less than on the transatlantic because we had fewer people,
      didn't run the radar as much becasue we anchored at night, and also
      powered down the navigation instruments etc at night. We did run the
      genset to cool off the cabin with the AC for several hours at night at
      times and would actually do most of our charing then as well. I got
      the 12 fan outlet-6 fan option and I am going to add 4 more fans for
      the tropical cruising. It is nice to have a fan at easy reach. One
      thing I would like (and am considering doing) is adding a fan in each
      head. The AC doesn't quite reach in there and my wife likes to apply
      her makeup and do her hair in the head. Plus it get steamy in there
      right after a hot shower etc. Hope this is useful. Sincerely, Gary
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