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Re: Diesel fuel tank access port or ports for OLD Maramu

Hi Joel, I have posted a couple of photos of the top of my fuel tank for you (and the group if anyone is interested) under the heading "Fuel Tank Maramu #261
10:56 AM

Re: Countertop Mats/Fridge

Hello! Concerning the top loaded fridge instead of a dishwasher, did you bought a ready made fridge or an on purpose built? If ready made, what make and model?
7:27 AM

Countertop Mats

We thought we would share a solution we found for the slippery Corian-like counter tops. OXO "Good Grip" silicone drying mats. Advantages-- they are designed
7:09 AM

Re: Installing the new CDrive

I just noticed a small hole in the bottom of the foot, Olivier. Seems odd that there would be a drain hole. I guess that is supposed to be there? Kent Sent
Kent Robertson
5:55 AM

Re: Renew fake teak deck on Maramu #148

Thanks for the input on this topic, especially to Joel. Seems I am not alone with this. For now I will just ligtly sand the deck and apply two layer of PU
12:35 AM

Red plastic lamp covers

Does anyone have a source for the small red conical lamp covers used on the lamps on the earth switch panel in the companion way and one or two on the 24VDC
10:59 PM

Re: Installing the new CDrive

Merci beaucoup, Olivier. I'll do both and see how close they are. If they are more than a mm or so off, I'll re measure and try again. I guess the
Kent Robertson
5:18 PM

Re: Prop Shaft Electrolysis

Hi Craig, the only way to let the inverter feed the micro-wave and 230V outlets is to disconnect the shore power cable. Otherwise, they will be definitely fed
Beaute Olivier
Mar 29

Re: Installing the new CDrive

Hi Kent, the method AMEL indicates for drilling the hole in the foot is right and should not lead you to make a wrong drill. However, your method with the bolt
Beaute Olivier
Mar 29

Re: The safe

On the bottom of my digital keypad is a socket to take a power supply to plug in case the batteries are dead. F ERic sm 376 ... From:
Mar 29

Auto Pilot TS 7000

Hello from the Liniarantieb autopilot TS 7000 works not soft and make it shock noise. What can you do greet Elja SY Balu SM No 223
Mar 29

Re: The safe

He Paul , and Ann-Sofi We had a < new > SM since too days and in this was is one question anserd. Thanks Elja SY Balu SM No 222
Mar 29

Re: The safe

Lady Annila, built 1998, we changed batteries last week. The expiring date on those batteries was March 2003! If no key, I would replace the batteries once a
Ann-Sofie Svanberg
Mar 29

The safe

In our "new" Amel SM, there is a safe, but no key, it could be used electronically but if we run out of batteries then we'r "smoked" and can't get out our
Mar 29

Re: Prop Shaft Electrolysis

Olivier, It is wonderful reading your posts. Reminds me of all the information you passed on to Jan and I when we picked up Lone Star in July 2008. Regarding
Craig and Jan
Mar 28
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