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900Bali Hai SM319 A good nights sleep

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  • John and Anne on Bali Hai
    Dec 1, 2003
      Dear Ian,
      All the storage on the port side is now full of the clip on parts
      for the Amel Double bunk.The drawer on the starboard side is not
      easy to get at but we use the open locker behind it for shoes.All
      the original storage is easily accessed by tilting the whole bed as
      in one of the pics. I suppose that one could store a lot of stuff
      that is not used often in the spaces behind the head and foot rests.
      There is a space under the bed about 90x80x38cms and we slide the
      odd box or two into there.
      I had forgotten to mention the finishing touch to the bed. We got a
      board about 12cms wide and 2mtrs long and padded one side of it with
      some upholstery fibre and covered it with some of the fabric from
      the original cushions stapled on to the blind side. We then drilled
      three or four holes in the exposed side of the bed base and screwed
      the padded board on through these holes.
      The whole job is no big deal and does not require much skill, an
      easy DIY project. It does help to have a jig saw to cut the curved
      sections of plywood !
      The whole thing could easily be removed to revert to the original
      configuration if anyone wanted to as there would be no visible marks
      apart from the butchered cushion.

      Regards, Anne and John