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2978RE: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Forward bildge water

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  • eric
    Jun 30, 2007

      I adjusted the cables and motor so that the hole lines up and that the seals
      are properly compressed. This prevents water ingress and makes life a lot
      easier when retracting the bow thruster.

      Fair Winds,


      Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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      We replaced the seals and still continued to get a small amount of
      water while sailing especially sailing to weather. We had noticed
      that the bow thruster did not appear to raise all the way up because
      the holes for the locking pin did not align.

      While we were in Guadeloupe we asked Laurent at Amel to adjust the bow
      thruster height. He looked at it and said it was adjusted correctly
      and told us we needed to manually raise the bow thruster the
      additional 1/2" which would align the holes and allow the locking pin
      to be inserted. He said that by raising it this last 1/2" and
      inserting the locking pin water would be prevented from coming in
      around the seals. He showed us how to raise the bow thruster and
      insert the pin by pulling the "lifting wire" inward (toward me) which
      raises it another 1/2" and aligns the holes. Since our visit at Amel
      in Guadeloupe, we have had no water in the bilge.

      Is there any possibility that you have done any sailing without having
      the bowthruster locked (pinned)? If so, you would have probably
      received a slight amount of water in the forward bilge as you have
      described. If you have never sailed without having the bowthruster
      pinned in the locked position, then you have the correct assumption
      that it is time to replace the seals.

      Judy & Bill Rouse
      s/v BeBe
      SM2 # 387

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      > Hello all;
      > In the process of preparing to install an electric toilet in the
      > forward head, I checked the forward bildge next to the head where the
      > seawater intake thru hull is located. I found a small amount of water
      > (1-2 inches) in the bildge. I did some investigating on the owners
      > site and found the info below, Kimberit and others indicate the
      > likely source is the bowthruster needing seal replacement, and further
      > indicates this can be done in while in the water using "bowthruster
      > removal tools." The info I have on board about the bowthruster is
      > very sketchy. I have contacted Amel for a boat manual several days
      > ago but so far they have been unresponsive. Any further advice would
      > be appreciated.
      > Thanks
      > Dave

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