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Re: Refrigerator pump issue

Craig, by the way thanks for the anecdote on your issue. Not sure if you so my recent response to the group, but I really think I need to pull out the SW
James Wendell
2:54 PM

Re: Refrigerator pump issue

I like the idea of fresh water cooling for the refrigeration loop. That would take the load off the AC systems and help protect the refrigerator compressors. I
James Wendell
2:20 PM

Rust Bullet

Has anyone ever tried a product named rust bullet on rusted metal surfaces.? Fair Winds Eric Amel Super Maramu #376
2:14 PM

Re: Bow Thruster oil seal

Good afternoon Ian, I also noted a slight drop of oil on mine. So I changed the seal. Then while the boat was on the hard (for anti-fouling) bow thruster
Alexandre Uster von Baar
11:46 AM

Bow Thruster oil seal

Hi All, When we hauled Pen Azen in March I noticed that the oil seal where the bow thruster prop entered the gear box was leaking, gently. I
Ian & Judy
11:13 AM

Re: LED deck lamps

Hi Eric, The info below is from the technical tab on the Marine Beam site. All of there bulbs will operate from 10 to 30 volts. I have this deck light, and it
Stephen Davis
10:35 AM

Re: LED deck lamps

http://store.marinebeam.com/4-1-2-sealed-beam-replacement-led-spreader-lamp-bulb/ Hi, I don’t see a voltage specified here? Thanks Eric From:
10:20 AM


You might want to try Severine at, contact@... they have sourced parts for me in the past for a fraction of normal cost. You will need a bit of
7:07 AM

Re: Sail Furling Gearbox Specification--Stern Bumper

Bill this was Maud’s final answer on the bumper The old one is made from a mould that we do not have. Sorry we do not have any drawing the bumper. This was
3:02 AM

Re: Sail Furling Gearbox Specification--Stern Bumper

Eric, When did Maud tell you this about the bumper? A few months ago I was told that Amel has them available, again. I did not verify that information. Bill
Bill & Judy Rouse
1:49 AM

Sail Furling Gearbox Specification--Stern Bumper

Bill, I bought a few gearboxes from Leroy Somers here in the USA. They contained all the essential parts but needed roller bearings. I have a photo of what I
12:56 AM

Re: Sail Furling Gearbox Specification

Eric, It may not be what you wanted to hear, but it makes perfect sense to me. Earlier attempts by a member of this group to buy the gearbox direct were
Bill & Judy Rouse
12:15 AM

Re: Turbocharger & exhaust sm

Duane, I assume yours in the Yanmar 100hp. I have cleaned diesel residue from BeBe since we owned her. I believe that you will get some smudge no matter what.
Bill & Judy Rouse
11:55 PM

Re: Turbocharger & exhaust smoke-the solution

Does anyone know similar product that is available in Greece/Turkey? I was recommended a product named Triboron, which I'm currently using but my hull is
10:40 PM

Re: Sail Furling Gearbox Specification

Today I heard from the Transdrive company in England after receiving the correct model number and serial number of the gearbox. Here is their answer. Good
8:54 PM
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