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Re: Amel sharki

Miles, In really light air, say less than 10 knots, I may set both poles and use only one head sail, jibbing back and forth as conditions require. The pole is
10:09 AM

Re: Tangier Marina

I stayed there in May. Surprised new marina is still not open as it looked ​just about ready in May. As most everywhere around the Med, the swell can get
Ron Hynes
9:56 AM

Re: Amfa domestic watrer pump.wired backwards from the factory.

Good morning Vladimir, Lost power last night, I think this is from the little wind we had from Hurricane Marina, probably a short somewhere in the lines… so
Alexandre Uster von Baar
9:52 AM

Re: Swivel head

John, Annsofie & Jonas Svanberg ‐ S/Y Lady Annila, Amel Super Maramu no 232, rebuilt their swivel and documented the process with descriptions and photos. I
Bill & Judy Rouse
9:45 AM

Re: Genacker

David That will give approx 17 m, and with a foot of 12.5 m gives a sail area of 95 Sqm. looks big in length but rather small in area, but does 95 sqm looks
9:13 AM

Re: Raymarine or B&G

Hi Paul, My boat is older than yours and I did exactly as you plan… -A98 at the helm -A75 at NAV station -AIS 650 - 12KW 78NM range radar SHD - Sonar. -
Jean-Pierre's MacBook Air
9:06 AM

Re: Amel sharki

Hi Miles, The Sharki was intended to fly twin head sails off the same furler extrusion. I didn't like that approach so I set up a Facnor Code Zero type furler
9:05 AM

Raymarine or B&G

Hello! We thinking of replace the old B&G system, the ultrasonic speed sensor got smashed when we grounded. The B&G system is old and probably anyhow on the
8:52 AM

Re: Iridium Go Feedback

We have used the Iridium Go for about 2 years, and love it. Connections are fairly reliable with the external antenna, but a bit frustrating without it. Spend
Stephen Davis
8:51 AM

Olivier Beaute'

Hello! I will have Olivier Beaute' survey the damage after our grounding this summer. I have agree with our insurance company to use Oliver I'm very pleased
8:40 AM

Re: Iridium Go Feedback

Thomas & Soraya We have used our IGo a year now, we bought the external antenna and are very pleased with it. The smal cable between the Device and antenna
8:28 AM

Re: Iridium Go Feedback

We found iridium works well topside only. However we installed at nav station where signal can be sketchy. After installing antenna it worked well. I would
Ben Driver/YAHOO
8:14 AM

Re: Iridium Go Feedback

The external antenna for the Iridium Go is not needed if you bring the unit up on deck with a clear view of the sky when you use it. With a clear sky view,
8:07 AM

Iridium Go Feedback

Hi all, To those of you using Iridium Go, did you find that it was necessary to get the Antenna? Would love to hear about your user experience. Many thanks
SV Garulfo
7:29 AM

Tangier Marina

Hello, We are thinking of stopping by Tangier Morocco later this season, and we were wondering if anyone has been there recently and could provide feedback on
SV Garulfo
6:36 AM
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