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RE: [Adults AMC] Neck & Back Cracking and Leg Braces

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  • Adam Menze
    Hello, I am 42 and my physical condition sounds a lot like Ted s, except I have no braces. When I was younger, I had bicep-tricep transfers done which changed
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 20, 2013

      I am 42 and my physical condition sounds a lot like Ted's, except I have no
      braces. When I was younger, I had bicep-tricep transfers done which changed
      my arms from being rigid and straight to bent 90 degrees with some range of
      motion. As long as I can remember, my elbows have "cracked". And if I
      didn't crack them, my range of motion was limited. About five years ago I
      asked my brother in law, who was trained as an orthopedic surgeon about it.
      He told me the "cracking" was caused by the tendon sliding over a catch
      point in the joint. Not a big deal, but annoying. I have not thought about
      my elbows cracking in quite some time until Ted's email came. My elbows
      don't "crack" anymore. I'm guessing that as I age, my joints are wearing

      As I age, I find that I am having more pain in my knees. Sometime my knees
      "click" as I walk. I'm taking three Ibuprofen each morning, but question
      how long I can continue doing this before something else will need to be
      done. Anyone have something similar with their knees?

      Anyone in the upper Midwest have their pilot's license?

      Adam Menze


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      Subject: [Adults AMC] Neck & Back Cracking and Leg Braces

      Hello All,

      I am a 56 year old guy with Arthrogryposis. My wrists & feet are bent, my
      legs & arms are short & skinny, both arms were locked straight, however
      Shriners Hospital bent my right arm a long time ago, so I could get a hand
      to my face.

      I use my neck a lot, as a result I have an 18 inch neck. Never had any neck
      or back pain, but my neck started cracking about four months ago. When I
      turn my head hard & fast to the right, my neck cracks, sometimes I need to
      stand straight, with the base of my neck touching the outside of a corner in
      my house, to get leverage in order to crack it. It always feels like it
      needs to crack, sometimes down into my spine, and I've been cracking it
      about 25 times a day. It seems to lock up when I'm on my computer too long
      or when I lie down in bed. I was wondering whether this is a normal
      progression with AMC or if it's just old age. Any thoughts?

      LEG BRACES: It seems to me the standard leather & metal brace hasn't really
      changed all that much from the days of the Civil War. Not that they are
      perfect by any stretch of the imagination. My theories as to why they
      haven't evolved have to do with lack of profit making a new type of brace
      and the fact that users often don't walk a lot, so the discomfort isn't
      overbearing. I tried plastic braces, but they were worse for me than the
      regular ones. One of my frustrations is that I cannot put on & off the
      braces by myself, which impacts my independence and puts an undue burden on
      my elderly mother.

      Here are my thoughts... Use silicon (similar to the silicon sleeves used
      for prosthetics) to cushion the tops of the braces, knee-caps, & the braces
      themselves, and have a zip-up sleeve that would encompass the entire braces.
      Then have the sole of a shoe affixed to the brace (with the front of the
      sole turned up, similar to Dutch shoes, so they wouldn't catch), on top of
      the sole would be velcro, and there would be velcro on the bottom of the
      shoes. The shoes would close with velcro rather than laces. The shoes
      would affix onto the sole, which is affixed to the brace.

      Just wondering whether anybody has tried anything similar to what I am
      considering, as well as your thoughts.


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