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AMCSupport Connection Convention

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  • Ani
    It has come to our attention that there are some questions &/or concerns about the up coming convention that need to be addressed. First of all we want to say
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25 6:45 PM
      It has come to our attention that there are some questions &/or
      concerns about the up coming convention that need to be addressed.

      First of all we want to say Thank You and give a round of applause to
      ALL who have been involved with the planning, contributing, and
      organizing, of thisÂ…OUR Very First Ever AMCSupport Connection
      Convention. We would also like to extend our "Thank You's" to all who
      have prayed for and supported us in preparing for our Convention in
      Chicago! You have done an exceptional job and we are all thankful to
      each of you for your hard work and dedication. If you are unable to
      attend physically, Please know that you will ALL be there with us in
      our thoughts and in our hearts!!

      When we ask each of our attending families to assist us in the fund-
      raising process by helping raise $10 (have a yard sale, bake sale,
      car wash or host a pancake breakfast, spaghetti dinner, etc), we did
      so with the very Best of intentions at heart. This was Not a
      requirement in order to attend. We assure you that ALL monies &/or
      items donated ARE going to help cover the cost/support of this

      Rosalinda & Michele (our Chicago event planning team) have done an
      incredible job with the preparations!! They have even provided us the
      security of knowing that hotel rooms would be made available to us in
      August by reserving a number of rooms on their own personal credit
      card accounts. We did not ask them to do this, they Volunteered. That
      is the key word here, Volunteer. Those who are working behind the
      scenes in order to make this and enjoyable & momentous event are ALL
      Volunteers and are receiving no form of monetary payment for their
      time & effort.

      We are sure that many of you have attended a specialty convention or
      meeting of some sort before and probably were not ask to donate or
      assist in the fund-raising of money, but you `were' probably ask to
      pay an admittance fee. We ARE NOT asking our attending families to
      pay an admittance fee for the following reason(s):
      1.)We are at this time unable to assist attending families with any
      form of funding in getting to the convention,
      2.)We wanted ALL that CAN to be able to attend!!
      3.)We acknowledge that each hard earned dollar that each of our
      families earns is indeed that Hard Earned, and
      4.)We also understand the expenses of medical care on all levels,
      that can quickly be incurred due to the diagnosis of AMC in itself.

      Keeping in mind that this IS our FIRST ever convention, we cannot
      depend upon ALL our costs associated with the convention being
      covered by the vendors that will be represented there. Our vendors
      will in fact themselves be donating their time by showcasing and
      displaying their products as well as their expertise in each sector
      to assist you in answering any questions &/or concerns that may

      We would appreciate everyone's patience with our tax-exempt status
      (as it could take up to 18 months) as well as your patience with
      Carrie who has also put in a Lot of time and hard work and is Still
      Dedicated to helping us become an official non-profit organization.
      She is a Full-Time working mommy! Her daughter's surgery is also
      coming up, so as you can see this does not leave her with an
      abundance of free time. Obtaining the 501(C)3 is a long process and
      we HAVE taken all the right steps to get it.

      We take the time to personally compose and send out these updates as
      a means of letting you all know what is going on, where we are at in
      our planning, what to expect and so forth. We by NO means have
      ANYTHING to hide, nor do we want to. If that is what you are
      thinking, we deeply apologize & encourage you to contact us, to
      express your concerns so that we may offer you the peace of mind by
      providing you with an honest answer. If someone does not get back to
      you in a timely manner feel free to resubmit your question or even
      send it to one of the admins here at amcsupport.org but please do not
      harass &/or point fingers until you know exactly whom is responsible.
      We ask of you to please be patient in your expectations of receiving
      an answer. We are all (organizing committee, members and likewise)
      human and have homes, families, jobs & unexpected events outside of
      maintaining our friendship and responsibilities here within the


      AMCSupport Board of Directors

      I would also like to add - I am extremely honored to have these
      ladies devote their free time to our support group as well as
      preparing for this event. I know life can get very busy and take
      alot of wild turns but yet you all take time out of your life to do
      this for our AMC family. I thank you all from the bottom of my
      heart. With the convention right around the corner - I ask all of
      you who will not be in attendance -to please say a prayer for all of
      our traveling families. We have families who will be coming in from
      all corners of the US as well as out of the country. With 100+
      people to be in attendance - we are sure we will make memories to
      last a lifetime!!
      I also want to express my thanks to everyone in the groups who have
      donated to our convention - including the - $$ from AMC yard sales,
      Tupperware fundraiser, handmade jewelry, the Arthrogryposis : A Text
      Atlas, Art Supplies & other goodies for the kids, gift baskets,
      water, napkins & other supplies - We cannot THANK YOU enough! With
      All that said ~ I can't wait to meet you all! Have a safe trip & I'll
      see you next week.

      Ani S. Vinson
      http://www.amcsupport.org - Founder
      http://www.amcsupport.org/chicago - 2006 AMC Connection Convention
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