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Re: [AMC Adults] Going to the bathroom in public

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    Jaime and Darrin: How contracted are Dylan s legs? Can you see if he can bear a little weight on them if he s semi-sitting/leaning back against the toilet w/
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2004
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      Jaime and Darrin:
      How contracted are Dylan's legs? Can you see if he can bear a little
      weight on them if he's semi-sitting/leaning back against the toilet w/
      most of his weight off his legs? Cody has to be teetering sorta off the
      toilet while I undo his pants, then he leans off of the toilet and into a
      "standing" position--but he leans forward into me so the weight shifts
      off his legs again--while I get his pants down; then I sit him on the toilet.
      Cody cannot free-stand up at all without his braces on, but with the
      weight shifting he can do this.
      Much Love,
      Cody's Mom, Kellie

      Jaime and Darrin Brown <jddncb@...> wrote:
      Dylan has been potty trained for years and it hasn't really been an issue, but now that he is getting heavier we need some help. Dylan isn't able to bear any weight on his legs and can't use his arms at all either. He does have some movement, but for this situation he is 100% dependent on us to get him out of his chair, pull his pants down and up hold him on the toilet, and anything else that may be needed during the process. The issue is that he is very heavy and to suspend him while pulling his pants up and down is very hard with one hand. Do anyone else have a better way we can do this. When he was smaller we used the diaper decks to remove and pull up his pants, but he is too long and too heavy now (and it's just yucky). The Summer is easier because we bring a urinal or empty water bottle with up and have him go in it while we hike his shorts up, but that doesn't work with pants. Another issue is that he has a Lordosis so his lower back arches and he kind of sits on his privates
      making them hard to get to without getting him out of his chair. Oh and then the back brace. We don't want to have to take it off everytime he has to go because we have no way to get it back on. He needs to lay down to put it on him and he really needs to have it on so we couldn't leave it off him after he goes.

      Dylan does have good bladder control so it isn't like this is an issues every 30 minutes, but lets face it, we all have to go sometimes. Also, I would like to keep his dignity during all this. It's bad enough that at 5 he has to come into the women's room with me when he has to go. Thanks everyone for all your help.


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