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849Re: [Adults AMC] Bogus?

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  • lorie smith
    Apr 2, 2002
      LOL that was good. I don't have a clue if AMC is genetic or where it actually started. I've heard n read lots of things. All I do know is I have it. So what. I deal with life n what is the same way others have to. I've always believed u have 2 choices. Either just quit or do what ever u have to. I'm not a quitter so I struggle like everyone n do fair. Who cares where it came from? Just deal with what is. Everyone have a wondermous day.
      chami98@... wrote: So uhm what some of you are saying is that somehow because it was found in
      sheep it can be genitic in us... so basically from what i'm gathering here is
      that a human way back when went and had a hay day with a sheep and uhm got
      pregnant with a child with the genes that can now carry AMC. Ha ha ok a lil
      morbid, maybe, yes. But I found it really funny.

      ~~Christina who has an odd sense of humor

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