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833Re: [Adults AMC] Bogus?

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    Apr 1, 2002
      Christina, hahahahaha u crack me up!!!!
      I have to say its interesting to hear all this! Maybe im the weird one! HAHA
      but I've NEVER been to a Dr to find out the genetics on me, I'm me! nothings
      gonna change that! (some may b sayin omannnnn right now hahaha) but im happy
      with me! & as far as kids, if I have kids & they have amc, well I'll love
      them dearly!! That wont change anything!! I do have to say its all
      interesting though~ but its not gonna change who i am
      ~Theresa :0) the happy go lucky silly blonde :0)

      In a message dated 4/1/2002 1:15:17 AM US Eastern Standard Time,
      chami98@... writes:

      > So uhm what some of you are saying is that somehow because it was found in
      > sheep it can be genitic in us... so basically from what i'm gathering here
      > is
      > that a human way back when went and had a hay day with a sheep and uhm got
      > pregnant with a child with the genes that can now carry AMC. Ha ha ok a lil
      > morbid, maybe, yes. But I found it really funny.
      > ~~Christina who has an odd sense of humor

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