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618Wow...all those replies!!!

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  • crazychemist911
    Dec 5, 2001
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      > Hey Brian, must be nice to have all these women saying
      > hi to ya, huh?
      > Not too many males are on this mailing list, but I'm
      > not complaining...LOL
      > Anyway, I'm Dan, 27 year old from Florida. Welcome to
      > the group!
      > =====
      > Dan
      > http://www.dango727.com
      > AOL IM - Dango727
      > Yahoo! - dango727
      > __________________________________________________
      > Do You Yahoo!?
      > Buy the perfect holiday gifts at Yahoo! Shopping.
      > http://shopping.yahoo.com

      Yeah, I can't complain about all the ladies replying ;-). Thanks for all the welcomes! I was wondering if anyone has had surgery on their feet that involved placing permanent staples through the bones in the feet? I have had this done several years ago and ended up with more aches and pains than I can shake a stick at. Sure, it gave me more balance but I don't ever remember having so much pain. I was wondering if anyone was in the same boat with respect to that and what their thoughts are on the subject.
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