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51Re: [Adults AMC] dad

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    Aug 1, 2001
      Tina, your Dad now seems alot like my dad, he always told me i could do
      anything also! My mom was like that 2 though. Its sad some of these dads cant
      "cope" with the child having amc. I know my dad had a hard time with guilt
      when i was born, u know like it was his fault, & had a lot of struggles with
      it. Like i have said b4, I really personally feel that it is wayyyy harder 4
      a parent of a child with amc than the person with amc. (ok, thats the way I
      feel, life is easy 4 me, (most of the time that is lol)cuz this is the only
      way i know) 4 a parent i think it would b harder.