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3630Re: [Adults AMC] Wrist surgery....yea or nay?

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  • Allyson Haar
    Oct 1, 2013
      I had casting done a lot as a baby, wore hand splints almost 20 hours a day until i was about 4y/o then just at night until i was a teenager. never had any operations on them either. I dont really have pain in them, except if i'm doing a lot of fine motor skills, screwing screw, typing, writing for many hours in a row. I have found that regularly stretching out the joints in my fingers, wrists and shoulders have greatly helped when my hands/wrists are sore, also wearing the carpal tunnel wrist splints (at night or day a few hours at least )sold at your local drug store help tremendously.

      I'm not sure where you live but there is an orthopedist here in Louisiana that is a hand surgeon, who actually has AMC himself i saw him in my early 20's when my wrists were giving me trouble. He was not into doing anything that would cause me to have less movement or function, instead he was looking into potentially removing some of the little bones that may have been rubbing wrongly, it ended up that my pain was strictly muscle pain and not bones.

      Allyson Haar

      On Sep 30, 2013, at 10:12 PM, Brenda <beekayn@...> wrote:

      > Hi Masha and mom. I had my wrists cast as a baby but haven't had anything done since. They don't bend backward, but I haven't experienced pain with them. I don't have great advice I'm sorry to say. But I wanted to send some support and good thoughts along as you try to make the decision. Don't let a doctor (or any one else) push you in a direction you are not comfortable with. Follow your instincts and feel free to see more than one or two or three orthopedic docs.
      > ~Brenda
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      > Subject: [Adults AMC] Wrist surgery....yea or nay?
      > Hello all,
      > Our daughter, Masha, is now 19 and it's so hard to even find a doctor that has heard of Arthrogryposis (preaching to the crowd aren't I?) but we did find one local doctor that she had seen at the local Shriner's Hospital.
      > They attempted serial casting to no avail and now the doc has suggested wrist surgeries to fuse both wrists. The ONLY reason that it's even being considered is that Masha is in pain. This seems to be the only route that this doctor is really interested. He told Masha that he feels that she does not want to do it due to pride because she does not recover well good looking scars (she has had three surgeries on her ankles and the scars are very prominent....she is 19 and a SR in college...I can understand that!!!
      > We are looking to all of you for advise....should she do it or can you suggest something to help the pain. Let me say that Masha will be going to the OT beginning this Tuesday, but we really don't know how that will turn out. Again, we're looking for anyway that you have been able to relieve wrist pain over the years.
      > Thanks guys!!!!
      > Lori....very proudly Mom to Masha!!!
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