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3611What Products/Vendors/Services have you found that you like?

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  • SteveP
    Feb 17, 2013
      I don't know about the rest of you.. but i have found a number of Products/Vendors/Services which solve problems for me.. Makes me wonder if anyone else has found some particularly useful information the rest of us would benefit from?

      I'm 58 and have found a few tricks over the years.. here are a few of them.. add what you have found.

      For example.. i think i need to go back to wearing long leg braces.. but it has been a long time since i had any. With the advances in technology i hope there have been advances in braces since i last used them.. Does anyone have a cool leg brace technology which has worked well for you the rest of us might want to consider?

      Great Crutch/Cain Tipe - It is a minor thing.. but my crutch tips ALWAYS wear out VERY fast .. or they used to.. For the last 2 years i have found a crutch tip that has not worn out, and is flexible and safer than any i have ever used.. they are expensive ($20 US for 2) but never have I spent better money.. Take a look for yourself at the Aventure Priviting Tip from Keen Mobility. They can be bought a lot of places.. but this is their web site
      It is rare to find them for less anyplace else .. Often other sites sometimes double the costs. So i just buy mine direct.

      Sports.. If you are in New England there is a great sport program in NY where they provide direction, assistance, and specialized equipment for disabled sports in All 4 Seasons.. If you don't live near New England see if there is something similar near you.. If you are in New England then visit http://nepassage.org/ you will be really happy if you do. They are Wonderful well motivated people there.

      Enough from me for now.. Does anyone else have information which might benefit all of us? Lets hear it if you do.

      thanks and good luck
      Steve P.