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3552Virginia AMC Mini Meet Up - RSVP deadline - August 8th.

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  • lalabonita
    Aug 3, 2011
      12th Aviation Battalion will be supporting this event. Blackhawk and Lakota helicopters will be on display for the families to see and interact with. We will also have emergency vehicles on display. Soldiers will be on-hand to give our families the VIP treatment and answer questions about these incredible machines!

      Food, drinks and entertainment will be provided - you just have to show up!

      All families who are interested in atte...nding are required to sign up and provide the names of those attending. Because this event is being held on an Army airfield, we must coordinate with security to allow access to non-military families. Please R.S.V.P. to Christal Bardfield at TheBardfields@... by August 8th. The earlier the better

      We are looking forward to seeing all of our AMC families and friends!

      Airfield entrance is located at the intersection of Ehlers Road and Fairfax County Parkway. For GPS purposes, the destination would be this intersection with the city as Fort Belvoir and the state as Virginia.

      You will turn at this intersection and follow the road to the airfield gate. Here you will give the guard your name and let them know that you are attending the AMC Meet-up at the Lakota Hangar. PLEASE ensure that ALL adults in your party have a valid state or federal issued identification card (such as a driver's license). Airfield access WILL BE DENIED if anyone lacks proper identification.
      From the gate you will stay straight on that road and follow the signs for the meet-up.
      We will have parking set up to accommodate wheelchairs.

      For security purposes, please provide Christal with the make & model of your vehicle as well as your license plate number. If you have a DOD sticker for your vehicle there will be no need to provide this information.

      If you have ANY questions about how to get here, please feel free to contact us at TheBardfields@...

      ***UPDATE**** I wanted to send a message out to everyone who is attending, or MIGHT be attending the meet-up. It is critical that you RSVP with the required information by August 8th. Due to strict security on the airfield, we must have the na...mes of everyone attending - both adults and children. I also need your vehicle make, model, and plates. The only exception for vehicles is if you are already military and have DOD stickers.

      Unfortunately, anyone who is not on the guest list will be sent away at the airfield gate. This is not something I will any control over, as access will be granted only to those on the list by the gate guards. I certainly don't want to see any of our wonderful families turned away :)

      Thank you to everyone who has already provided me with this information. I hope to hear from everyone else soon :) Thanks so much, and I can't wait to meet you all. It is going to be a fantastic event!