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3483Re: Head, Sholders, Knees and Toes.. Knees and Toes

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  • zhinka aka otter_woman
    Jan 21, 2011
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      I know some will get upset with me for saying this, IMO prayer comforts us,it will not heal you or take away the pain.
      Prayer will not save you if you are drowing,you still need oxygen, prayer will not help you with pain,you still need to find a way to stop it, I have spent so much of my life in hosptials and I have learned that prayer is a good way to mediatate and use up time until actual real medications or treatments kick in.

      Now after being chemical poisoned a little over a year ago and losing most of the skin on my legs and enduring pain beyond pain with open flesh and nerve endings open to air I tried so many different pain med combos then I ever imagined existed.
      The one thing that upset me the most is the IDIOTS that would come in and say ohh, god wont give u more pain then u can handle, well, if that is the meaning of gods love then their god sucks completely.
      My personal god is now more of a montra, a comforting meditation to pass the time and center my breathing and self while my meds take effect.

      I do totally like the link and suggestions the lady sent you, it sounds like something to try.
      Believe me, I understand being in so much pain that you really do want life to just be over if it will not get any better.
      At this point I honestly feel you still do have some things left you can try before totally giving up. I will say I think you are in a clinical depression from the pain, I have been there,and there is no shame in being depressed from pain, it is how we evolved for some reason. It took a suicide attempt to try to get away from the pain for me to admit that I cannot deal with the chronic pain anymore and I was able to find some help, it took months and months but I am finally having almost as many good days as bad days and something is better then nothing.

      I would try what the lady suggested for a minimum of 4 months,then judge if it has helped, hopefully it will ease some of the pain.I erally hope it does, pain is the worst thing one has to endure.
      It might not help but remember I will be thinking of you and feel free to email me if you need to vent. I had someone be there for me and if I can listen to you I will do all I can.

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