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3476Head, Sholders, Knees and Toes.. Knees and Toes

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  • elizabetheel8
    Jan 20, 2011
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      Remember that song? I feel like that song lately! I have given up going to doctors because they either don't know what AMC is and or they want to dope my up. I have four children and cannot afford to be medicated that way. I am in so much pain every day that I feel like I'll die any minute. My solders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, and feet all hurt all the time.

      Growing up I was always able to ignore the pains and keep moving. Over the last year it feels like I'm being crushed in a rapidly and continually exploding volcano. The daily pain and suffering is affecting my sleep which causes sever sleep deprivation. I feel my hands becoming more useless as the days pass by and I feel like crap when I recently had to call the local police to break my door in because both doors froze shut and I was trapped inside while the children were trapped outside in -2 weather.

      Where can one pull strength from? I go to church every Sunday and I've been praying since I was a little girl.

      When is it OK to acknowledge defeat? My life has snowballed into something I never saw coming and their is zero quality left.

      Thank you for listening, as only we know what we are all going through.
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