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3446RE: [Adults AMC] Tampons

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  • Patty Clarke
    Sep 3, 2010
      Hi there, well the only thing I can think of is using surf boards (pads)
      instead of tarpoons (tampons) But I am not sure if you are able to use pads
      independently? I don't know if there are any such aids available for tampon
      insertion I know there is for suppository insertion perhaps that could be
      used for tarpons (tampons)..do a google search for personal care self help
      independent aids or do a search for tampon insertion adaptations????
      Wording something like that..


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      Subject: [Adults AMC] Tampons

      Does anyone have advice for using tampons un-assisted? I am supposed to go
      camping/rafting this weekend and have a...well...very poorly timed visitor.
      I have decent dexterity/grip for someone w/ AMC but very limited reach and
      fairly limited hip mobility. Looking for a solution fast, any ideas are

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